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Configuration issues. Downtime and instability for ~24h. Everything should be up and running as normal now.


System reboot and some reconfiguring will happen the next hour. Some unstability will be seen.


Some DNS-related errors has been fixed, may or may not improve your experience.

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Welcome to is a private network, with a few free services to the "public" (usually you won't get an account unless you know me). Amongst others are; webmail and a place for your homepage. This place is my litte playground, where I try to learn as much as possible. So there is no guaranteed uptime, neither will I promise that everything will work at all times. Usually it does, but, don't get mad at me if anything breaks :)

General Info :

If you find the need to change your password, and cannot log in with SSH, you can change your password here

-=Daniel Lysfjord=-