Blood And Earth
Today it's more important to die than to live. The "mother beast" shelters us all the time. It's punishable to expose yourself to danger, or others for that matter. To live over-protected is the same as to abandon your own ability to have resistance when danger appears. If I don't stimulate my human nature, my instincts, I will not die, but degenerate to death! We are already degenerated, after a thousand years under foreign tyranny! It is very easy to answer why you get more and more allergies, more and more criminals, more and more irritating, feeble and sick, as there are more people. More and more psychological suffering, or to put it bluntly more and more misery. We are a dying folk. We fight not only against nature instead of with, but we also fight against our own unique Germanic nature. Regardless of what Jewish-Christian separated Germans think they are, so are they, whether they want it or not, Germans with heathen blood. We listen to "the Norwegian states church", but it is nothing as it's called. It is just as untrue to say "the Norwegian Frenchman." Christianity is a Jewish religion, Jehovah is the Jewish god, and the Christian culture is a Jewish culture. It can never be Norwegian. In order to show how ridiculous it is for Norwegians to be Christian I ask you to present yourself a Jew who bows to Odin, or a Negro with a Viking helmet on, or the Earl Muhammad. It just doesn't fit the same, and for the same reason it's doesn't fit that the proud Norwegian people should be Christian. I am an angry Teutonic, with 1/16 Swedish and 15/16 Norwegian blood, and I am offended when non-Germanic people use my race's symbols and history. For example, when there was a tour named Midgard where most of the artists were Negroes. It is an insult to me and my people, my race, and not at the least against the Esene and the Esynjene. None that are not Germanic can ever be Asatru, and if they are not they shall never use our names and symbols willingly. Regardless of what they are or plead to be. It is entirely understandable that others are fascinated by the Germanic culture and for that reason wish they were Germanic, but they're not, never have been, and never will be. The same is considered of the Christian Germans, they are not "god's chosen folk", have never been, and never will be. What's so noticeable is what these race traitors believe is so much better with the Jewish culture than our own. What'' unbelievable is that in the bible it says that the biggest threat to the Jewish-Christendom is all the racist people in the world. Heathendom is in the blood and those who mix the blood destroy the strong people. Remember that Christendom doesn't want us to be strong, they wish that we all be weak, humble, weaklings that yield as slaves for "god's chosen folk." If they mix the blood, then they tear the lost folk's pride of what they are, either it's now the Germans, Celts, Arabs, Negroes, or whatever they might be, and tears the pride, they tear the resistance against Christendom's death. The Jewish-Christian death religion wishes also, as mentioned before, that all people lie beneath their belief. In order for this to happen, they must take away all the people's emotions of being different than all the others. A blending of people and races is just this, instead of a colorful world full of different people, we get a one-colored world with a degenerated mankind and the Jewish-Christian (anti) culture ruling over all! This is the reason that I call it an (anti) culture, because it destroys all other cultures and replaces it with it's own. Make the world one-sided and variationless. The first reason they progress with the Christian world is to inflict the world. So many psychological and physical agonies so that people accept something so base and hostile towards humanity, the Jewish-Christian belief. Race blending is one of the weapons they use to get this. There's an old expression that says homosexuality is an outer sign of a spiritual defect. It's obvious, and just as obvious that the Jewish-Christian belief is an outer sign of a spiritual defect, when it manifests itself in the non-Jewish people. We all agree that a Jew who is a national socialist is a Jew with a spiritual defect, the same way a German who is Christian is one with a spiritual defect. To want you and your race beneath another is sick. To place yourself and your race above another is natural. Racism is not foreign fear, or hate, or an inferiority complex. It's a sign of spiritual health and love for yourself and your own race! It is like loving your race as it is to love your children, and anything else is sick. Today this love is oppressed; man has gone so far as to call it hate. In a culture where love becomes called hate and where our own race becomes inferior, we are not "god's chosen people" what else can we expect than degeneration and destruction? Christianity is a racism against our own race, which is kept alive by our own race brothers to slave for the Jews. I spoke about the tour Midgard where there were many Negroes who performed. This was a road show "against racism" (which many Norwegians were not happy about). Other musicians have also used heathen symbols and names to profit from "anti-racism". In Norren "mythology" we learn that Odin (the angry) was born of a giant woman named Bestla (the daughter of the giant Bolthorn. Odin's brothers are called Vilje and Ve, which many places are named for, and Hnir and Ldurr. The father was called Borr and was the son of a fair, big, strong man named Buri that came from a limestone that the cow Audhumbla licked on. It's important to know that a giant is a personification of an uncontrollable force of nature. It's a giant in an eagle's skin, Hrsvaelgr, who makes the wind by beating his wings. The waves of the ocean that foam come from a giant, Egir, and his wife, the giant woman Ran, is the one who captures all that are in the sea with a net, maybe fog. The world was created of such a power. Odin with his two brothers killed the giant Ylmir and created the world from it. The skull became the heavens, the blood the ocean, the flesh the earth, the hair to trees, legs and bones to mountains and teeth to stone piles and slopes. People were created when Odin, Hnir, and Lodurr found two pieces of driftwood that resembled themselves in form. They were determined to give them life. They gave the beams spirit and life, intelligence and motion, face, speech, nearing, and vision. Hnir is not so smart for he game them his intelligence, and Lodurr can't hear anymore for he gave them his life, and Odin gave them spirit and gave us a portion of him. Them called them Askr and Embla. This a scientific account of creation blurred by esotericism. Odin with his two brothers is in this connection the "norrune mythology's" equivalent to physics electron, neutron, and proton and to alchemy's mercurius, salt, and sulfur. The university's building blocks! "Mythology" is what hides the extreme quantity of knowledge from those who don't have the basis to understand. The unworthy one can say. Odin Fridleifson who was married to Frigg Fjorgvinsdotter, emigrated from the territory northwest of the Caspian Sea many thousands of years ago. It's from here that the German folk emigrated to what is today Germania, most of it confirmed from modern research. Six generations before Odin lived Thorr with his wife Sif. A description of Thorr is that he was so beautiful to look at compared to other men he was like ivory in an oak tree, his hair was more beautiful than gold. Sif came from the northernmost part in the world, Thule, and was like light and as beautiful as her husband. Odin had many sons; Baldr, who was so beautiful the sun radiated off of him, (notice that our forefathers appraised beauty and light) and he owned the land that is now called Vestfal. Another son was Vegdeg who ruled over Illst-Saksland, and another was Sigi who advised over Frankland. These are the origin of the German descendants in Enea, or what is now Europe. Odin flew north and had sons in Scandinavia. One of them was called Skjoldr and ruled in Reidgotaland (Jylland today). In Svithjod (Sweden) he had a son Yngvi (king) who ruled there. Still further north he came to Ultima Thule (in Latin) and Hyperborea (in greek). This land is called today Norway and here he had another son named Skjoldungane, the Swedish Ynglingane and Norwegian H?lmygjatten. The European Germans are Volsungane. It's important to notice that "mythology" gives us cryptic reports about our beliefs. Idiots shall not misuse the bottomless heathen wisdom's well of "mythology". Man shall know with reason if man wishes to live well!
A Pot Without Porridge Satisfies Nothing
Something you ought to notice is that we heathens don't wish to inflict our belief on all others, we wish that our race's Germanic siblings reject the Jewish Christian misanthropy and follow our nature, but what the rest of the world is unimportant to us, as long as they don't have a belief that wants to crush and enslave our people. To want all others in your belief is nothing other than an inferiority complex. It is in itself a proof that the Christians feel inferior with the belief they have. The belief for one is not their own, and second the cross is a heathen Mediterranean symbol of mankind that stands with outstretched arms and praises mother earth for the gifts she gives us. I shall show here some examples of how little Christian the "Christian" symbols are.

This symbolizes among other things "gods" all knowing. This symbolism is taken from the sun worship religion, for example with the Egyptians on gravestones, mummy boxes, and more as pictures on the god of light's resurrection and his victory over the darkness - The Uza Eye. The Jews stole this symbolism and perverted the eye to be their god's own all knowing.

The cross the Jewish Christians call Crux Ansata, is probably an Egyptian symbol. The ankh, which the cross actually is called, became carried by Isis, Horus and more as a symbol of life and immortality.

The arch heathen sun wheel has rather not been released from insanity's perverse misuse. The Jewish Christians use this as a "Christ victory cross" and it's found on many of the old churches here in the north. I named above that the cross descends from the Mediterranean's religion, but it can also be established that the Latin and the Greek cross can be a variation of the sun wheel. Mardi Gras (an accepted practice in Christian culture) has it's roots in ?sgardsride - Odin's angry army of dead warriors that go forward in the night that demonic forms lead by "the gray horse knight" all weekdays carry heathen names. Saturday is Laugerdag, the day the heathens wash themselves and their homes, a custom that is held still, Sunday is a heathen rest day that got the name Sunnadag that means Soldag (sun day) later perverted to S?ndag in order to make holy days more Christian. Otherwise we have M?nensdag, Tysdag, Odinsdag, and Freysdag (not Freyas, but Freyrs). In English the same, Monday is moon day, Tuesday is Tys day, Wednesday is Wodens day, Thursday is Tors day, Friday is Freys day, Saturday is only different and is interpreted as Saturns day, Sunday is sun day - Soldag as in Norwegian. Because the heathens had such a good hygiene that they washed once a week, found the Christians out that it was sinful to wash yourself. "A hundred years where no one bathed" was what followed. The 1100's, after 100 years where people washed once a year the Christians got a little more intelligent and "allowed" people to wash more often. There is found no religion that has brought about with death and misery none other than Christianity. They try to excuse this as they were not descent Christians, but only people that were out to get power from Christianity and they want us to excuse them and understand it (we can probably ask the Christians if we can say the same about Nazis and see what they say. NS-Germany was probably Christian also, with "god with us" on the belt buckle on all soldiers except the SS that had "our honor is called belief" instead) Notice these two expressions. Further can I explain that self church rituals are taken directly from unchristian occult rituals. Especially many are taken from the Celtic Wiccan religion and from the Mediterranean's religion, and of all, most from the Egyptian religion. How can someone with such a hodgepodge religion not suffer an inferiority complex? That which is so pitiful is that they don't realize this themselves and cast the shit back to where it came from (all rituals are stolen from other religions but self Christianity is 100% Jewish). The reason they wish to Christianize the entire world is simple, they wish not to be less worthy than all others, they become envious when they hear about proud negroes that dance their own traditional religious dances (all dances are religious) when they hear about the extreme book work collections the old Greeks wrote, when they hear about Tibetan monks who carry out acts themselves they can only dream of mastering, when they hear the wisdom of Taoism, when they see the Egyptians enormous pyramids, when they see the Inca's sun temples, when they see the Samauri's unshakeable belief, when they hear the Celt's druid talk about things the Christians never once have thought about, and when they meet German descendants that crush ten times as large Roman armies? What else can the Christians do than to feel inferior? They are inferior, and the only way they can become equally important with the rest of the world is to inflict the rest of the world with the same inferiority complex they themselves suffer from. Quickly said, they draw us down in the shit instead of rising up and becoming something else than a coward deceived of race, land and humanity on the whole.
The Family Circle
Today must all live, regardless of how weak and sickly or deformed a child is, it's required to live. The same is considered of the old, they don't have permission to die, they are tied up to advanced machines only to give the government a statistic for high duration of life so they can show other governments, and to use it to manipulate people with the belief that we are better off than all others. Had the old a speck of respect for themselves and children, they would accept that they no longer have anything to offer, and accept the consequences of that. In heathen times they wandered in vain out in the forest to die, and for this reason they showed their love for fellow humans and at least died with dignity. Our forefathers were too proud to be parasites of society. Death is not gloomy and unpleasant. Birth and death are two important events in life, a part of a big connection (one man dies, but a folk can live forever). There is no respect in mourning over death. It's just as disrespectful to feel sorrow when someone is born. Death is a renewal of life, one dies to be born again. The first child born in the family shall take the last deceased's name and this leads him further in the family circle, and leads his spiritual character farther and the memory and pride of the deceased retains life forever (this is considered of both genders). If a pregnant woman dreams of one who is dead, it's a wish from the dead one to be born again from her. By giving the child the person's name it helps the deceased one be born again. In the Jewish-Christian society they put themselves in the center of it all. The only reason people go to church is to ask "god" to offer his life in order to help the weak and sick be healthy so they can be welcomed in the "pearly gates". They "help" others in order to reserve a place in "paradise". It's constantly an egotistical reason they have for helping others. They only do it in order to get to heaven themselves. They beg to god for them or another to get to heaven, only in order to get in a good word for themselves who wish to help others! These Jewish-Christian idiots are nothing more than rough human scorn, they glorify a childish fantasy about a "paradise" that rejects yours, theirs, and my life which is abominable. All they do is prepare their own egotistical lives for this "paradise". The only reason that they will their closest people with them in "heaven" is because they will benefit themselves from having them there. When one of their closest dies, the Jewish-Christians mourn. They mourn because they themselves have lost someone they are fond of. They mourn because they must manage the rest of their life without the deceased. They mourn because they are egotistical pigs who lost someone that they put a price on. Some are young that missed out on a delicious ice cream cone. A young person is egotistical because they don't have the mentality developed enough to understand that personal pleasure and happiness is not everything in life. Now we're back to this spiritual defect with the Jewish-Christians, and we come to the theme of mental paralysis. It is almost "satanic" to think, according to Christendom. Yes, "demon" actually means spiritual inspiration or creative thought. So according to the Jewish-Christians to think creatively is "demonic". Isn't it human scorn to claim that we are all possessed by demons when we use our unique human thought ability? The scorned humans thought ability, that which boasts to the people.
Virtues And Burdens
Of Christian virtues we have for example Prudentia (wisdom). I thought in wonder about the considered burning of the library in Alexandria in Egypt as a typical wise act, and act that made mankind wiser? They also have Fortitudo (courage and spirit) as a virtue. Why do they then need to ask "god" when they need these? It's impossible that they have these qualities in themselves if they need to ask a "god" to get them. If you have courage and have spirit then you ARE courageous and spirited, but if you have to ask "god" to become this then you of course cannot have courage and spirit, because if you had it you wouldn't need to pray to "god" for it in the beginning! Justitial (justice) is another virtue, how much justice was there when we were burnt on the stake? Or for those who choose to not betray their father gods under the christianization of Norway? They fight against another virtue they also have, namely Misericordia (mercy). The Jewish-Christians are those who hold their laws and follow their morals last and least, with the exception of simple sick denominations that commit mass suicides, like those in Switzerland recently (there were pictures of Madonna on the walls and a big star of David on the floor in their temple, and the media didn't say a word about it, but only said that they were a fanatic denomination. That 99.9% of these insane sects are 100% Jewish-Christian is what some of these Jew reporters don't what you to know about. They prefer that the people believe that it's "satanic" sects they are talking about). I am more Christian than the "Christians" are, ironic enough, and it's because I am heathen! A heathen is honorable, courageous, and has spirit, justice, knowledge, loyalty, hope and love. All these are also Jewish-Christian values, but are found in very little, little degrees among the "Christians", in much less degrees than they are found in us heathens.
The Support Pillars Of High Society
We know that it was Leif Erikson who discovered America, that the Vikings traded with Baghdad, that the Vikings were on the Canary Islands in Bysants, that they discovered and colonized Iceland and much more. Some who are oppressed in history is due to the fact that it's the Germans who established the old high cultures. Zarathustra who established the Persian kingdom was white-Aryan, the Roman kingdom was founded by white-Aryans, white Aryans established the north Indian culture and the Greeks were white Aryan. German descendants wandered and settled down in the above mentioned territories. They formed an organized society structure where they themselves were the rulers and the natives were the people. That which is especially important to notice is the reason that all cultures fell! All the cultures, the above mentioned, the Egyptians and in Spain, fell because the rulers who consisted of white Aryans, mixed with the people. Race blending lead to there quickly not being any more white Aryans and the organized power disappeared. The culture fell and only the remnants of it are around today. We see today small signs that are white Aryans in the Indian culture and in Greece. The highest class in India today are born with blue eyes and blond hair, and their class system has sunk of the white Aryan blood. In Greece, you can also see one or another with blond hair and blue eyes. The remnants of the high culture. I use here the word "Aryan". Aryan means "upperclass", nobility, and foreigner, and for this reason I use it here. It is Sanskrit. I could have used the word "German". The long ships ornamental prow is a symbol of the German people's discovery. And over all the world Viking symbols are on these things, and especially the Norwegian Vikings. The Swedish were mostly tradesmen and the Danish an organized army that invaded England (I can for fun say that England is named after the Danish). Around 400 a.y.p.s. the Danish began to go Viking. They were called then Anglos on the Danish island. They settled down in eastern England, or Logres as England was called then. Later a pope was determined to lay pressure on these Anglos to get them to become more Christian. In order to make them more willing he called them in English "the Angles" for the "angels" (englene). Thereafter, the land's name was changed to England, "angel-land". The idea of colonizing other planets and examining the universe is a typical heathen idea. The long ship and prow is compensated by a spaceship, and the ocean of galaxies, but the idea is the same. It's a desire and fairytale lust that leads to entirely "demonic" ideas.
The Female Guardian Spirit
Respect for our parents can be so much. Today we have no form of respect for them and there are some that should think about it some more, for why in the hell should we have respect for these who have lived an entire life without doing whatever in order to cast out the oppressors of the people? (Christianity) The entire basis of our family's pride is ripped away from us. For who can tell about their family any more than two maybe three generations back? Can you tell me where you descend from? What your forefathers did? The family is honor's fundamental, the most central in heathen belief. To tell your kids about who he or she is named after, about the methods and distinct qualities, and about who he or she descends from is not only giving the child pride and self confidence, but it is also something that makes the family, the clan, an unity! The same with fairytales, sagas and Edda-poems are family sagas what the kid needs in order to develop in a constructive manner. It is also the most important contribution to give the child respect for his forefathers and parents. For if mother and father are nothing in our eyes, why should we who are their offspring be any better? Sick and weak give birth to younger sick and weak! Dumb forefathers have dumb kids! Here we come to race hygiene, for by letting all those die with the help of modern medicine is assuring them to grow up and again have weak and sick kids, it's totally destructive for our race and entire humanity. If our people don't give birth to stronger and stronger (also strong mentality) children, will we go under; for what doesn't become stronger every day, becomes weaker, and all others become stronger. We shall not put to death those who are not strong, but we shall mourn in order to get them to understand that they ought to not have children with others that are weak. Two weak parents have weak kids, but a strong raises at any rate the standard on what that is weakest. The weak's offspring will in this manner be stronger than the weak who are giving it life, or who gave it life.
The Hidden Betrayal
Modern Medicine is hostile because it makes us weaker and dependent of medicines. It's a daily routine to use moisture cream on your skin which weakens the skin's ability to produce it's own moisture, toothpaste that weakens the mouth's one resistance against cavities in the teeth, and the toothbrush which makes weak the enamel and other things. A flower needs to be looked at and appreciated to continue to emit it's scent. A sort of food for the flower's soul. The same is considered of people. We also emit out own natural scent that needs to be appreciated in order to not disappear. To compensate this scent with artificial smells, is to undermine this scent's ability to attract the other gender. If it goes on long enough, the scent disappears entirely, just like singe flowers. The scent turns sour or changes and loses it's magical attraction. The flowers need creatures and people close to them to order to spread their pollen, and it gets them with it's magical scent (and/or with it's colors). For the same reason people need other people near them in order to spread, and one of the tools are perfumes. The artificial perfumes destroy mankind's magical scents and in the long run, they are helping to destroy mankind.
Death's Religion
Pornography is becoming more and more accepted and customary. We can read advertisements in newspapers that say they can teach us to have a better sex life. We learn also that we have no reason to be shameful about our naked bodies and that pornography is tearing down prejudice against "a better and more open sex life". The best, maybe only, way to have a better sex life is to make it more forbidden and for others to try the same with their stable partner. It takes time to learn what the partner holds most dearly. Pornography is taking part in making the naked body something daily and the sex life something valid. Regardless of what one does, pornography accepts it. Yes, it actually glorifies it with someone elegant. It's like proof that you are unbiased and a modern person. The excitement of doing something forbidden disappears, and the feeling you are doing what no one else is. These things are what the individual loves. Pornography takes this from us. We get people that don't try to find someone that elegant, people go longer and longer, and we then they rape children, gladly their own. They rape adults we get necrophilia, sado-masochism, sodomy, those that dress up and pronounce another form of a sick sex life. Devil-worshippers are a variant of this! They are those that for example go off to rape women, most likely virgins, on alters and dress up like priests in order to get excited. The women gladly participate and let themselves voluntarily get raped. (I will assert that women who let men carry out these actions are participating in raping their own body, their dignity, and the woman itself). This is nothing else than an assault on women regardless of if she is participating or not. It has, in reality, nothing to do with devil worship other than that they worship the sickness and deformities in themselves. Many who are against pornography are against this because they know themselves they are like cheap whores. Feminists are a good example. They respond to how women are depicted as cheap whores. The feminists become what they are talking about. They will not accept that they are cheap whores like the women in pornography are labeled as. They prefer to be like cheap whores without anyone knowing about it. They shame themselves over themselves. Actually they have not thought about it before they see pornography, which gives away the truth about themselves like a punch in the face, and they respond by oppressing the truth, removing the truth! Other feminists become envious of the women in pornography and it's because they are so bad that they never will experience what happens there! They become shocked of pornography. For they think like cheap whores and should have done anything in order to take part in a sort of pornographic orgy. They dream about it, and every time they see or hear about pornography they're reminded of this dream. They want to do away with porn, "the women oppressor". It is not only porno that takes part in destroying the healthy sex life. The entire Jewish system takes part in this. There are many Jews that fight with porno and the "whore culture mentality", but what they don't understand is that they try to fight the problem with the problems own origin, and that certainly is the Jewish-Christian self. Christendom is entirely heathonic - all that is done is for personal pleasure. Monks that live in monasteries and torture themselves with this, do it only in order to increase their chance to get into "heaven" when they die. "The heavens" are a material paradise, here they can revel unrestrained in all the worlds and beyond for eternal time. Why should they manage to get away from the whore culture's physical pleasure when they themselves glorify it? I talk about sex and materialism being two sided of the same cause. I do it because I cannot see anything other than material pleasure in today's sex. It is nothing other than precisely what it is - materialism. It focuses on the naked body, and I call this materialism, that the body is looked at as an object. A "pleasure object".
The Clean Blood - Humanity's Last Chance
We have dawdled race hygiene research and discovered proof that race blending is harmful to offspring. The race hygiene institute in Oslo was taken down after the second World War and all research results were destroyed because they were "Nazis". A fraction of the work were not destroyed. We know that race blending is harmful to mankind or more correct - those that made an effort to understand race hygiene found this out. The others life in disbelief that it isn't harmful to blend races. Those who study anatomy also understand race blending is harmful for humanity - they ought to, at any rate, understand it. I have myself come across materials that have taught me much about this topic, but it's been labeled as Nazism and racism and confiscated by the prison. Politics and religious freedom are considered after all of correctness here in this country. This brings about that I can't use Latin names of different skeleton parts and that I cannot say the accurate forms of all the different race's skulls. The woman's pelvis is adapted to the woman's own race's head form, so that the birth shall be as clear as possible and so that the child would not be inflicted with head damage during the birth. If one mixes two races there is a 50% chance for the offspring to have the father's head form. When the woman gives birth to the child and the pelvis is adapted for birth of children with the mother's race's head form, the child will be exposed to a large quantity of hereditary weakness. Usually there's a 5% chance that the child incurs concussions during the birth. This can all be from serious to not so serious concussions, or such a serious threat to the child that it becomes imbecilic or so narrve that it only inflicts the child with allergies (it's important to notice that all allergies are not a result of brain damage, most often a result of bad genes). When a mother gives birth to a child with another race, brain damage increases to 20% because of the pelvis form. Another example of race mixing's harmful effect is when a German has a child with a Sami. A German has powerful legs and powerful hips, a Sami has much less. If the child inherits the German's leg power and the Sami's hip power, or the other way around, increases the chance for hip damage considerably. We have then one that has legs too big for the hips, or vice versa. This knowledge is refused among our people because it gives national socialism the right, and because if we are not willing to mix races then the Jewish-Christians will not increase their power in the world. Jews are "god's chosen people" and think they have the right to banish and slaughter all others. They also think they are above everyone else, and can make all others Jewish slaves. Why give way to the culture only to become Jewish slaves by the mountain Zion?
The Festival Of Death
Grave Desecration is something that happens relatively frequent in our time. Why? The reactions are always strong when someone destroys the graves of the dead. It is totally meaningless and only creates antipathy with those who do it. So why do they do it? It's actually meaningless. I have myself many friends who have desecrated graves, and what they all have in common, is a hate for the society and those who work for it. Some allow it to affect other people, some let it affect society's possession, while others let it affect society's values. All is done in revenge against the society which entirely destroys this society. To destroy a grave is mostly a respectless thing you can do against society. The dead are a kind of symbol of those who made society what it is today. They are also a symbol of our forefathers back to the time when we were a proud people of our own culture. No worthy heathen lies buried in a churchyard. We don't actually have a good reason to completely respect our forefathers, the ones who let our culture falls in ruins, who desecrated our graves, and built glaring churches over them, who spit on Odin and on the other gods and goddesses, who made our land and people slaves to other countries, who cut down our forefathers with ice-cold blood because they were not loyal to Odin and were not ashamed of it. Should we respect them? Each Christian that lives today is responsible for this, and because they don't reject the religion with caused this, it shows that they don't take distance from it either. I can stand for all heathendom through all the time! It is not only one thing I can take distance from. It is one of the reasons I am heathen, it has never caused something negative for the Germanic people! So can we ask the Christian; what positive thing has Christianity done for the Germanic people? Is it not a thought that it has done nothing positive for our people? We have learned to write the alphabet and gotten a very "literate" culture. It sounds certainly positive, but when the alternative is our own Futhark and very oral tradition it's suddenly not so positive. Today we know a couple of hundred Edda and that is all. I grieve when I think of how many Scaldic arts that have been lost on account of the christianizing of Germania and Scandinavia! We hear that we ought to be thankful for the christians since they preserved the Edda-poems for us, for without their writing could certainly all have been lost. They don't hear the self contradiction in this. Then will I answer that had it not been for the Christians, would we not need to write down a poem, for then we had our parents and grandparents who told us these dictations, and surely many others in a heathen Norway where we could sacrifice to Odin who being burnt at the stake or being put in cages half of our life for this reason. My grandparents on my mother's side and portion of my fathers, were Christian. When my mother went out to play at 6 or 7 years old she got the message from he mother that an angel was always behind her and always told her mother what she did. My mother turned around to see this angel, tried to see it in an image and dared not to do a thing she didn't have permission to do. The mother weakened never with this angel, my mother had to herself find out that it wasn't true. Ask a psychologist about what kind of effect this has on a child who is out to play, so have you Christianity's effect on our people. "God sees all". A result of this is that neither my mother nor any brother was baptized. We had ourselves a choice; something I am forever thankful for. Thanks mom! I can feel sympathy for those who didn't have a choice, and I know that this sympathy is built on disgust - the thought that all "holy" Jewish water has touched them. Something so disgusting. So back to with I began with. For each churchyard that is totally destroyed, is a heathen grave avenged. For every 10 churches that lie in ashes, is a heathen avenged, for every 10 priests or freemasons that dissolve, is a heathen avenged. There is much to avenge, not because we heathens believe it's something fun, but because we owe it to our proud heathen forefathers to avenge their misery and our misery which is a feeling of that. I had recently read in the paper a commentary on grave desecration which follow, "I cannot grasp that someone has the pleasure of such," this shows the party's ignorance and narrow mindedness. Who has said that it shall be fun, or that one has pleasure in everything one does? The Christians from the paper article betrayed clearly their heathonistic vision by exclusively going out to say that the graves were destroyed in order to please someone, which is not possible. If its fun or not plays no part, it is out duty to avenge our proud forefathers. Many Christians feel the belief of such remarks. They have no reason for this. When we have crushed the motive powers behind Christianity it will die. When the truth about Christianity comes out in the light it, a healthy mankind will not hesitate a second on casting the stake and burning it to nothing! I know that in each and every German there is a heathen which is worth taking care of, a Christian today could be awakened to live again. Likewise must someone be sacrificed so that we shall get the ball rolling again! As soon as Christianity is rejected, can the former Christians remain as good heathens who we are (with the exception of the freemasons, they are certainly no longer German, they are artificial Jews). It has nothing to do with hoe long you have been heathen, but that you are today or tomorrow, or in the future. From Odin we have come and to Odin shall we go. Hail Odin!
The Real Racists
There are many so called anti-racists who actively fight against "racism" but what is actually what they fight against, and doesn't this make them racist themselves? They plead against intolerance and prejudice. Yes I am totally intolerant of foreign cultured people, they have nothing to do here. But my intolerance is at the expense of foreign people and not our own! I don't tolerate foreigners that come here and destroy our people, with narcotics, venereal disease, race mixing, rape of our women! If we can spare a Norwegian woman from being raped by exile or certain death or taking the life of ten thousand foreigners than yes I believe that we shall do it! Yes, absolutely. The foreign culture are over represented in criminals in relation to how many there are. I spoke myself with a policeman who could explain that 60% of all criminal inmates in Oslo are foreigners. The police didn't have the permission to announce this to the higher party, and this says how sincere the government is. The truth is held back from the people, is this democracy I ask? The "anti-racists" don't tolerate our intolerance, and they attack us (only when they are 5 to 6 times as many as we are). Not all use violence in order to defend the same who attack us or sell narcotics to our children, a portion devote their life to fighting against our intolerance. We shall kill by silence, we shall awake. Such intolerant people like us society cannot tolerate. They tolerate also not Norwegians who fight for the Norwegian people's life even more, but they tolerate foreign cultured people who are parasites on the Norwegian people! In Sweden every 4th child is born of foreign cultured origin, how can a country let something like that happen? Are the Swedish people so little worth while for Sweden? Are the Norwegian people so little worth while that we tolerate foreign cultured parasites? It is crazy enough that we live in a foreign Jewish (anti)culture if not we shall blend it with still more Jewish elements (like Islam). Why do people fight against "racism"? They say after all by fighting for the colored that the colored people are too dumb or weak to fight for themselves. They don't need white people's protection in order to defend themselves. Those who have pity on the colored despise them, all sympathy is despite! We also hear "the anti racists" say that we are not any better than the colored, they are just as worthy as us. I agree with that, the anti racists are not better than the colored, but it is us! For we have our pride, our loyalty with the people, our will to fight and die for the Norwegian people, our scrupulous love that is ours, our consideration for our children and grandchildren, and this makes us much more worthy, we are Norwegian! So to the foreign cultured representation to be criminals, but that is not most important. Why are they here? I will here say that those who flee from their homeland, flee because they fear for their lives. Where was the willing to sacrifice for their homeland? Maybe much, maybe nothing, but what we know is they're not willing to die for their own cause. They flee from the problem instead of solving the problem. They are also only weak people who are not willing to fight and die for their fatherland, they are simply retreating. Do you think they're willing to fight and die for Norway? Or think they will flee if it becomes dangerous here also? Do you have any doubt? A land is dependent that the people don't flee when there are problems, if they flee then what? We allow the refugees, we are so naive that we think that since we treat them so good that they will certainly help us if we have problems. This is nonsense. If there is trouble they will be first to run. They won't sacrifice a calorie for the Norwegian people. We have certainly other immigrants also. Those who really pass necessity in their homeland remain in their homeland. Some certainly remember pictures of Rwanda where the negroes went around in the street and beat down children, women, and the elderly with machetes because they were not Hutsuer or Tutsier. And we are the intolerant ones? There is something called "Norway for Norwegians," and what's more important is that we are "Norwegians for Norway!"
Sheep In Wolves Clothing
There are many who dislike me strongly among my "own". Why? I am just as arrogant and self certain as my forefathers! Today shall one be modest and humble and not like me say that, "I have the world's best company in prison - myself." This created irritation among many and they disliked me for it. What I say to them is that modesty and humbility are Jewish-Christian virtues. A heathen shall never be humble or modest. We have no reason to be this, we are heathens! We all have reasons to feel better than all others, we are better. To believe any thing else is a Jewish thought. The Christians are envious because they realize, without admitting it, that we heathens are better than them. They realize that we all have a reason to be proud, that we all have reason to go with the nose high in the air with the chest forward. Envy creates perversity and hate, therefore I am disliked, because they are envious! It is obviously understandable that they are envious, for they have a reason for it. In the papers I am accused of playing the scene in court. This builds also an envy from the journalists, for what they saw was a proud heathen who didn't let himself be frightened a second in the Jewish society's court system. This is unbelievable for weak scared Christians or humanists, so when they saw a proud heathen present himself as such, they wouldn't accept it. They know that they themselves would have shit their pants and shaken of fear if they had been in the same situation. They will not admit that I am stronger than them. The result is that, "I played the scene in court" and because I actually, "didn't understand which situation I was in" they get to look at it as if I actually was only a youth who no one ought to take seriously. They convinced themselves that it was therefore I was not "crippled to the cross" in the court. I am certain that I was the only one who didn't play the part in the courtroom. The journalists cursed that I didn't give them a reason to say something negative about me in the papers. They sat and rubbed their hands and hoped that I would fall in tears to such a degree that they could write how weak I was in the papers the next day. They sat and hoped that the law psychiatrist said the opposite. Etc... I got the characteristic of one who had "insufficiently developed mental faculties." This was a gift for the journalists, finally something negative. That this with "insufficiently developed mental faculties" goes on, in my instance, that I don't have any respect for non-German people's lives and without hesitating to eliminate one and all of them here in our country with out remorse was something the journalists didn't write in the paper. They would of course said that, "insufficiently developed mental faculties" should be something that could be understood as unintelligent, childish, and spiritually weak. Another thing that I have made noticeable is the media's use of pictures. I am naturally blond, have clear blue eyes I always see pictures in the paper where the pictures are done so dark they look like I have black or dark brown hair and dark eyes. A TV channel always shows my face to make it look like an awful "Satanist". I colored my hair black once in 1992 and I did it in order to emphasize my white skin, not to look "evil". I enjoy that a German journalist wrote in a paper that I looked like "an angel's shape with the rage of a Viking!" Obviously a compliment. It's the papers that have created "the Satanist environment" which exists today. Had it not been for the paper's depiction of us as black haired Satanists there would not be a Satanist environment. I am misused by the media to embody the evil Satanist, and am made as a symbol of evil that leads all Satanists. This is ridiculous. I cannot endure "Satanists", either a Levist or followers of Aleister Crowley! I can't stand black hair, something that explains why I only colored my hair once and no more. I can't stand thin youths in black leather jackets. I can't stand "devil worshippers", they are just like Jewish-Christians. I can't stand "black metal" the only metal I hear is Norwegian Aryan music like DARKTHRONE or my own music BURZUM, and I can't stand being compared with other inferiors.
Heart And Child
We learn that the best way to prevent AIDS is to use a condom. It's just a sensible to have as few sexual partners as possible. All is built up around the sexual life together with others. We get it through ads, TV, school, newspapers, magazines, radio, and so to speak all others. If someone does something it is exclusively in the intention to attract the other sex, whether it's considered to get a good education, money, help others, get a car, a music group to play in, a hobby or whatever it might be. It is rather not spoken about quality, but quantity! The more, the better. This is a twisted phallus symptom, a spiritual defect which manifests itself not only in men, but also in women. It is a degenerated phallus, a sick phallus! This with a condom takes part in corrupting humanities self respect and feeling of pride. If someone is not willing to have children, they ought to be willing to not have sex! One's body is more worthy than anything. If one is not mature enough to have children, physically, then one is not mature enough to have sex! If you don't want kids, then suffer the consequences! It's important to take responsibility for your own body, and take responsibility for your children. Not by denying the child different things, but by raising the child in a reasonable way, the heathen way. And at least by fighting for your child to grow up in a healthy culture, instead of the Jewish-Christian whore culture. Our forefathers were too brainwashed to realize this (anti)culture's misanthropy. Take responsibility for our children, something our forefathers never did for us. And take responsibility for ourselves, there is no one else that does this. If we have self respect than it will not be dangerous to get AIDS. The reason we have AIDS here in Norway is because people had sex with people of the other races, either immigrants or Norwegians who dirtied themselves with foreigners! If we live as heathens instead of whores, the virus will die out. It will not spread, it will die out. If one has sex with one of the other genders today it means so to speak, nothing. We have altogether again no reason to feel successful, pretty, or attractive, we are only one of many others who also have had or come to have sex with the person in question. They could be equally just like each other person they had sex with, but certainly the person will probably have the most possible as you must probably yield to the person #1 on your list. To have sex with a person twice is in vain, at least if no one is in the vicinity, then you are probably the only alternative. This mentality is terrifying. I think at any rate that it is. Have my people actually sunk so low? How could it have happened? The answer is simple, the Jewish Christian anti-culture. The only thing the Jewish Christian society has to offer us is material wealth and a physical pleasure!!! Sex is widely focused on and the white religion hates this focus. This problem is that they have nothing else to offer than just the material pleasure, either in the form of money or sex. In order to satisfy the people they must continue with this sick materialism, but that is not enough. We need more than the material pleasures, and the Jewish-Christian meaning of life is only to come to heaven after death where material ecstasy will be experienced, and for eternity. What else from those who are content with this extreme egotistical materialism? There are more and more who don't wish to be a part of this material orgy, many get lost in other forms of materialism. Some examples of other forms of "religious" materialism are so-called paganism, occultism, Satanism, humanism, heathen society, and certainly other Jewish-Christian religions like Islamic and Jewish. The real Paganism is not material, but it is Celtic and of respect for the Celts we ought to not begin to mix with their religion. One thing is to study and learn about it, but that is all. The Wicca "religion" is a feminist and twisted version of Paganism. An example is Wicca celebrates the moon in new and full moons, while the lunar eclipse is ignored. The hook cross is also a Celtic symbol as among other symbols of the four moon phases. Diana is despite all "the four folds goddess." When Wicca can celebrate 3 of them, its says quite a lot about how little it actually has to do with the Celtic religion. It is like hopping over every 4th number and claiming that you counted to 100. Not only do you hop over every 4th number, you make all mathematics rules become invalid also. What is math then worth? In order to be able to use mathematics you must follow the rules, if you do not, then it is not mathematics. Plain and simple. The only who at any time can be Druids, Oblater, Bards, Celtic priests or witches are the Celts themselves! It is a Celtic religion and to be Celts one must have Celtic parents, as they must have German parents to be German. The religions are not for those other than those who are born into the religion's people and race, and if the religion doesn't have an origin in the race and the people's values, then it is an artificial religion, a false religion! A universal religion or a universal life philosophy is an impossibility, misanthropical, and Jewish thought (for that matter Jewish is synonymous with misanthropy.) The only alternative to materialism for the German humanity is our own heathen belief. Norwegian religious titles are Skalds, Seidmann, Berserker or Ulfhedner, Valkyrju, Galdmann "one who chants "trollmann", Runemester, Volve, or Thulr. Instead of looking at life as my own life (including those who believe they shall live further in a sort of heaven after death) I look at life as a portion of my existence. I am a part of an over individual sphere, the people's sphere who we call Odin. We are all one, and all eternity. We, the Germanic people, make up the same "Odin's physical form". We are Odin, his flesh and blood, his spirit and soul, for we are his descendants. Single people die, but a folk can live forever. Today individualism if glorified. A result is betrayal, do we actually do nothing if we betray others when it is ourselves, the individual, which means something? Heathen over-individualism functions different. If we betray Odin and our people we betray ourselves, for we are a part of him and our people. With that we will not betray any others because we then betray ourselves. The less unity, the stronger agreement. We have the Germanic people, the Nordic people, and our home city people, we have the generation and the finally the strongest unit, the family! When we are children this is shown even stronger, naturally because children are not yet brainwashed by the Jewish-Christian (anti) culture! We have street fights where children who aren't from the same street are chased away. On the street, they have something in common to fight for and protect (you can probably joke I grew up on "Odin's way"). One doesn't gossip about someone from the same street for example. This is something which must survive with the children to get them to feel as a part of the town (the only city we have in Norway is Oslo. Bergen is the largest town) they grow up in, the land they grow up in and the people they were born with. In Bergen we have much of this heathen unity feeling still, but I have the impression that it's not as strong in other towns. When we meet one from the same place we feel that we know them. If we are probably from the same place, we have something in common. When we are in the country, and meet other Norwegians, it's nationalism that raises these feelings. If we meet a Swede, we suddenly become Scandinavians, and if we meet Germans in Africa or other parts of the world we are suddenly Germans (with sorrow I realize that Europeans fits better here, but I choose to suppress this false unity feeling for the sake of the Germans) We have something in common. After every unit becomes less personal and contains more people the feeling of unity diminishes. The strongest is the family circle. The healthy and positive thing is that we learn to prioritize who we shall help and depend on. Those who are closest to us shall be most worthy of protection. Most worthy of security in degrees are: the family, the generation, home place citizens, the Norwegian folk, the white race, and then other races! Certainly different for all nations, the Swedish are more worthy than other national people for Sweden and etc…. We shall not be cosmopolitan or all European or all Norwegians, it is important to be all, but still more important to prioritize that which is closest! This is the heathen view!
Red, White And Blue
All the Nordic lands have a cross in their flag. This is to show that we believe we are Christian, but actually the cross has nothing to do with Christianity. As I said earlier it is a heathen middle ocean symbol of humanity that stand with outstretched arms and admires and praises mother earth. We certainly also have in modern times gotten the confirmation that this weak Jew with the name Jesus was not crucified, he was fastened to a stake instead! So actually it is not circled around that we have a cross in our flag. The problem is that (so to speak) all connect the cross with Christianity. I have a need to Norwegian-ize the flag, and make all other Nordic flags more Nordic also. Denmark's flag is the world's oldest flag, but likewise would a Danish-izing of the flag have made itself. The colors are elegant, but it is the cross. (The norwegian flag is actually a norwegianizing of the Danish flag 1820 a.y.p.s. we decorated the flag of ours with a blue stripe) What can we actually do with it? Norwegians mostly are happy with the flag, and have a good relationship with the flag as it is today. Should we change it? We ought to consider it seriously, it is not the world's most important case, but it is one of a whole. A cross on the flag is a stripe in the start for a heathen realm. We can change it with a solkas (Thor's hammer).

Drug Misuse
Drugs are to a larger degree, used and misused. The users are continuously becoming younger and there are more who are using. I am not only talking about MDMA (Methylene Dioxy Methamphetamine), Amphetamines, Cannabis, and such drugs. I am also talking about alcohol, coca cola, coffee, and other more "anonymous" drugs. What all these substances have in common is that they give the user a status you don't get without the substance. Either it is considered to be an "adult" with coffee or "cool" with pot and cola. Use is a proof of insecurity, and when it's considered of the strong substances it's a fear of reality. Those who use strong substances do so to escape reality, or they gladly create a new reality by taking stuff which changes their understanding of reality. All criminality which results from the use of strong narcotic substances is due to these substances which are expensive. It is money driven to get the remedy for more dope which results in this criminality. Had it been as cheap to buy it as it was to make it we would not have some of the criminals. So why is it not such? The users would kill themselves within a short time. And without criminals the "mother-pig" will not have such a large power over the people. As I said, the user would kill themselves in a short time if the dope became too cheap and easily accessible. The more weak and sick who survive, the better, and who is actually more weak and sick than the addicts? If the addicts are close to dying, then they are laid in a hospital, so that the Jewish-Christians can make it valueless the life of this weak human. ("For god is all life as more value," "The weaker the better" is certainly more correct to say") If these strong narcotic substances became legal, we would become rid of the weakest in society and a big part of the criminals would disappear (the other part stands "the mother-pig" for itself, as an economic criminal, trickery, acts of tyranny against the people, oppression and pestering of the people, theft from the people - as to use tax money of all others than for that which serves the Norwegian people, and much more.) Other criminals compose hardly a percent of all this, even though this is what we are made to pay attention to and what we notice. The others become hushed, craftily explained away by the "mother-beast's" piglets. The Jewish-Christians say they love mankind, the weak mankind. I love the strong mankind, and despise the weak mankind. What is it we shall have? A mankind who become weaker and weaker or a mankind who become stronger and stronger? I know what I want, and I know what Odin wants. The gods drove themselves with racial hygiene by blending blood with the humans (they don't become bastards for it's a race's own gods. A race's inner strength.) and he did it, or better said got Heimdallr to do it himself, to make the sorry mankind stronger. He would make them stronger so that mankind should be more alert against the giants (in this the giants are also foreign cultured people like the Huns from the east.) The three he created were; Trell, a dark, tall and strong man who is the origin of all slaves; Karl, who had red hair, light eyes, was big and strong and who is the origin of all farmers (peasants); and Jarl, who was blond, had blue eyes, was light and beautiful, tall and strong, and who is the origin of all warriors, leaders and magnates. None of these classes can live an idle life even though there are slaves. All have their demanding duties which demand both sweat and tears. Today all are slaves for "the mother pig", I don't' wish that someone should be a slave! We have an entirely different social structure today, and when heathendom takes over, then what is was 1,000 years ago. We must try to develop ourselves the same with growth and try not to go back in time in order to come to a moment the growth is at the lowest standard. We have realized that nothing needs to fetter us so that we shall feel comfortable and bloom, but we have also realized that we cannot let the majority rule. The decisions must be taken by the people's elite, not those who are the most clever to watch the people or to steal money at other's misery, but those who painstakingly - are willing to offer their own life and their own honor for the best of the people! This willing to offer your own honor is immensely important for those who rule, I will use Odin as an example, Odin taught himself magic, the shameful womanly magic, only to be stationed as king to do the best for his people. Knowledge is power and Odin wanted both parts, and it was only for his people's best. Odin tore out his own eye to get a drink of Mimes wisdom well, and he did it only to increase his power to get the best for his people. Odin hung himself in the ash tree Yggdrasil, wounded himself with his own spear only to get the knowledge of the dead, the knowledge from the other side, for all in life he learned himself, but it was not enough, for Odin would also know all and learn all - to be the best possible ruler, for the people! All Odin did, he did it to get more knowledge and from that more power to get the best for his people! Odin listened to advice from his 12 sons (and from his wise and sharp wife Frigg) but always made the decisions himself! Odin is the king of all kings, the symbol of how a king should be! The symbol of how a people should be ruled. There is no one larger than Odin!
Moriturin Te Salutant Regnator Omnius Deus
Why the papers write all these ridiculous lies, not only about "Satanists" but about everything, is to make money. The most important thing to the papers is to make $$$$$. Whatever way they do it is not important, as long as the dollar rolls in, and it does it when they exaggerate, lie and create sensations! There is a media ideology which aims at making money if there's a body in the water, or broken families and crying children play no roll as long as the dollar comes in! Actually the media can make a good history out of this also. Odd programs on t.v. about those who lie in the water, debate programs which covers spectators and which give the channel even more money. Brilliant. This dollar chase is owed exclusively to the Jewish-Christian anti-culture. The dollar sign, $, is in itself the symbol of money. The symbol is a jewish symbol and it stands for "torture and nuisance". This describes money very well, for money is nothing other than torture and a nuisance. Without money one is altogether dependant of society's mercy, man is a slave in the society, and with money one is equally dependant of society to keep the money or use it, and slave. The entire time one must be on guard so someone doesn't take their money, either it's advertising that lures you to use it for something you have no use for, the "mother pig" who takes taxes, thieves who'll steal it, capitalist pigs who will have you invest in their totally capitalistic projects that can make you even more money, still more torture and nuisance, etc…. Your best friend, your child and your love do gladly whatever to get a grip on your money also. When people kill each other for money, then what will the media not do to make money? "God" is a joke, the real Jewish-Christian god is $. Regnator Omnius Deus (the high most god).
The Temple's Brick Wall
The Grunnskolen is a nine year brainwashing machine where kids, colorful and brilliant, are forced to be destroyed in order to pass in a sick Jewish society. When Pink Floyd sings, "just another brick in the wall," they forgot a word. They ought to have sung, "just another brick in the Jewish wall." The wall is Solomon's temple, the same Freemasons build to slave for the Jews, to be an "artificial" Jew in the Jew's satanic temple. A temple built of bones from our children. A temple build of our bones. Our children come out of this machine as weak, dumb children, the longer they're in school the dumber they become. The youth learn tolerance towards other people and cultures - the same who push on us, they learn that all races are equal "inside", they learn to be humiliating, weak, and honorless and they learn to love the Jews as "god's chosen people". But the school has problems with destroying people for only nine years. Now they want it that people shall go to school for 10 or 12 years. That one of ten who come out of 'ungdomskolen' cannot write and read worries them only because it's important to feed them satanic Jewish propaganda. I call the Jewish-Christian belief satanic because that's what it is. There is nothing in the world that is more satanic than the belief of the Jews ridiculous and childish fantasy about "god and paradise". A little jokingly can I say that if I ever get to "heaven" will it be in the front of an army which comes to break the skull of "god" and his weak angels. Thors hammer has broken the house of bigger giants than this wretched Jew they pray to, it shall be a pleasure to break it also! Odin over all!
Life And Death Fight
We made fun of and joked about the one that I killed in Oslo 10.08.1993 a.y.p.s. We didn't like him and he gave us many good reasons to laugh at him and look down upon him - a common "friend" of ours examined the drawers in his bathroom and found a dildo with shit remains on it. If this isn't a reason to dislike someone then what is? Before I went to Oslo I burned a picture of him where a friend of mine, who didn't like him either, had written, "death to the read rat," with a magical pen. I burned it because I didn't want anything to do with him, I would not have this picture of him, and I went to Oslo in order to deliver a contract in order to release the contract I had with him. I had it worded so that I got my money from the record company that stood over him, and for this reason I didn't get any checks from him. To give him the contract would mean that he never more would call or write to me. (I had been under a contract when I went to Oslo, and the Zionist press along with the police and prosecuting attorney claimed that it was one of the motives in order to kill him. They said it as an attempt to explain away my noble murder motive) He would be out of my world. So I decided to finish it and give the contract to him at once. I came late in the evening, a friend of mine with come along with me for the alibi of the trip and show the "man" in Oslo some new music (he played in the same band as the Oslo "man" and was his best friend) I came to Oslo and met him in the chance that he was scared out of his wits. He was stiff with fear. I spoke with him and he became more scared and panicked. He attacked me, but was thrown himself to the floor. He ran to the kitchen for a knife (a bread knife always laid out on a cutting board) but I was quicker and got behind him and got my knife from my boot. Then he ran to the bedroom and hallway. I understood that he would kill me and I decided to take him before he took me, so he couldn't get to the electric shock pistol as mentioned before, I attacked. He ran out. There we met out friend. He stood up in order to stop the fight, but his best friend was in shock. He was completely frozen, motionless. Big eyes and a still face that I had not seen before or ever since. He got no help, in spite of his cries for it. He had no chance, not because he had a weapon, but because he couldn't fight without a weapon. He had ran from his chance and ran from all his weapons. He ran, tried to call on his neighbors just as we past through their door, cried for help and covered and asked for mercy. A slash with the knife in his skull did away with his whimpering. (he didn't die from the knife wound in the chest as the coroner claimed, I know it, for he died the moment I slashed his skull! The knife stuck in him and I had to take it out with force! And then he died in a half hour on account of a knife wound in the chest? What was the point of saying this? It was probably in order to portray it as if I let him lay there to die slowly. Then they could punish me even more. "Hurray for the Jewish system's unconditional sincerity.") The reason there were so many knife wounds (about 14-15, plus 8-9 cuts from glass pieces he fell on with his naked body. These cuts came from a lamp he crushed during his glorious escape), is due to my knife's modest size, and the fact that he swung his arms running down the stairs! This made it difficult to strike, and I had to run after a barefoot man that was in fear of death while I had on heavy boots and wanted to cut him to death. The knife was little, about 10 cm length in the blade, and it was not sharp. It was a boot dagger that was only pointed. Why he became so scared when I came to wake him up can be due to three things; one is that he had planned to kill me and naturally one gets nervous when the person you plan to kill suddenly appears in the middle of the night, but one normally doesn't become paralyzed and only stand there in their underwear while the other goes up 8 stairs, an entire four floors, and through two main entrances. He ought to in the least have put on a shirt during that time. The other is that maybe he got a hint that it was his time to die, that destiny's time had come. That it was his own fear that should bring about it, maybe he scarcely knew. He was so possessed of killing me that maybe he thought I came to punish him (I did this also) A 3rd thing is the burning of the picture with the curse on it. When he heard my voice in the distance he became full of wonder, and stood merely to wait for what I would do - and of this reason didn't do anything. Then I came in and he saw me and it was then he became terrified, for he was the fire in my eyes - a vision my subconscious through my eyes conveyed to him. He became maybe so terrified because I conveyed the memory of the picture burning to him through eye contact, a sort of telepathic transferring. He saw himself burn, but could not know that it was only a picture, he thought that I had come to burn him, it would probably not be unlikely with the plans he had made for me. Maybe all these reasons made up one big reason why he became so scared and attacked me. I don't know, and I never will either. I was sentenced for premeditated murder and contemplated murder. Regardless of if I planned it or not, it was not premeditated. I attacked him because he attacked me and killed him because I knew of his plans. Had he not had planned to take my life I would have probably have been content with giving him a good beating, but when I knew he would kill me, that wouldn't be enough. Had I let him live after he'd attacked me, why would he not try again to take my life? Maybe he would manage it the 2nd or 3rd time. I am not so dumb that I give people another chance. If they don't do it the first time they will never get a new chance. My life was not in direct danger, but indirectly. I mean the murder was in self defense. It was not at all planned, regardless of if we planned to kill him or not. It was a so called intentional murder with punishment from 6-12 years. Had it been up to me, I would get a reward for killing this scum, not punished. The Jewish system however, saw a possibility to kill two birds with one stone; the disgusting communist killed and the heathen "Nazi-pig" imprisoned for lifetime! I understand them very well, with strong proud heathens out there free we will be a threat to the Jewish system, and the more we are the bigger the threat we are. I was a rallying point for these powers, and by pulling up the flowers by the root, it never comes again. The Jewish system want humiliating weaklings not people that have strong legs to stand on - like us proud heathens! What they didn't understand is that I was not the root to the heathen's flowers. The root to these flowers is in us all, in our blood, and by showing the heathen to the people it serves the heathen's soul. They saw the heathen seed in all the people's soul, and many of these seeds are today full grown and attractive flowers that shine their colors and make the Norwegian meadow a flowering full of heathen colors. The Jewish system saw it's own ruin, for never before have we Norwegians had the blood boil so strong as we do today, and this is due to the jewish system's own injustice and stupidity! We come back, Odin comes back. From Odin we came, to Odin we shall go. Hail Odin. Fight for life and death!
The North Over All
There are many who claim that I am "evil", and at least as many who think I want to be "evil", because some think it's "tough". I am accused of trying to distinguish myself as "evil". This is ridiculous from beginning to end! That which seems to go over the head is the fact that we all have different sides to us, I can equally beat down on ugly half Lapp without that it makes me anything else, as I can play with my delightful daughter! This is not two contrast relations, and it's not "evil" to beat down people who try to take one's life, it is natural! I can equally be as merciless as I can be loving, that which determines how I am is who or what I have to relate to. I give what I get, if someone wishes to be my friend, then I am that, but if someone wishes to kill me, then I will kill them if they try and give them no mercy if they err. I don't take seriously all death theats directed towards me. But if some distinguish themselves as someone who really means what they say, then it goes nasty! And if I have not taken them seriously and then it shows they really are serious - as if they try to kill me - then I'm not gracious. Preferably I would have killed them immediately if they put forward some threats towards me, to show that one shall not threaten others, but act instead, but as long as the Jewish-Christian's have power it doesn't happen - unfortunately. Weak men threaten - true men act. We don't need the weak, those who fling threats around, then if they're killed it doesn't do anything! It has nothing to do with "evil", it is not "evil" to beat down your enemies, and it is a survival instinct all people have! Mercilessness is a side people take as much care of as the other side! The so-called "positive" sides. None are "evil" or "good", we are all people. What we have is people with honor and people without. It's the feeling of honor, which makes a person worthy, not people's ability to oppress the so-called "evil" sides of themselves!!! A person who cannot be merciless, is a sick person, a person with a spiritual defect! "Evilness" is in itself a ridiculous concept. Nothing is "good" or "evil" but it can be good and bad! There is never one of the parts, never either or! We have no word for "evil" or "evilness" in old Norwegian! We have "illr" which means bad, we have "bol" which means misfortunate, injury or any pain. The word "evil" comes from old Norwegian "ond" which means spirit, soul, breath. Now we know that the Jewish-Christian's call spiritual inspiration the demon obsession, so we understand why they gave this word this idiotic meaning. There are no "good" and "evil" in heathendom. We are, as Nietzsche said: Jenseits von Gut und Buse ! (Beyond good and evil) We plead not to be "the good" and we don't say that those we fight against are "the evil". We are Germanic and fight against all non-Germanic, or all who are not in harmony with out Germanic nature and are aggressive or try to injure us. For we are Germanic, the best and all others bad, but we also know that for other people the Germanic is bad and their own the best, with the exception of the things we have in common so to speak. But what we have in common we have likewise in our own unique way, the majority have pride, but it is only use who have Germanic pride! The others have their own, or none. We can't be proud of being roman, for we are not Romans, likewise can they not be proud of being Germanic, for they are not Germanic. We had massive respect when we once lived as Germans. The Romans feared furor Teutonicus (the Germanic race) and the entire Europe asked to the Jew-god to deliver them from the northmen's fury in the Viking times! Today we cannot hear prayers about rescue from the northmen's barbarians in homes and churches in Europe. For a little part of us so small have begun to live as proud Germans again.
A Little More Race Hygiene
We learn today that it is not that which is on the outside that counts, it is that which is inside which has something to say. We hear this when we talk about another race, and when we talk about our race and people. Why should the outside not have something to say? Is it really so doubtful that we don't think that we are better than another to look at? It's a big difference from being content with your looks than to be imbecilic. We, in the Norwegian lands, are better looking than all others, why should we not have permission to be proud of this? Or in it's entirety get recognition of the situation? The Norwegian men are on the average taller than all others, with the exception of some coal black negroes in a portion of Africa that are the world's tallest. We are light skinned, the majority have clear blue eyes and light hair. To be tall gives the impression of nobility. We are noble, for we are of Earl's descendants (here I speak about those with blond hair and clear blue eyes.) Regardless of how intelligent and straight forward a woman had been, I never would have married or been with her if she was always not fine to look at. We shall not only be a superior, strong, and intelligent people, we shall be a beautiful people also. We are that already, but we fall under the Jewish system tyranny on all things, so we must rise up again and continue the growth. We can never be perfect, but if we stop trying, we have lost everything. I repeat steadily about the strongest right, here also the prettiest right, but we know after all also that matching one with blue eyes with one with brown eyes, most often the offspring gets brown eyes. This could probably mean that brown eyes are stronger and the blue weak, but it is not. Blue eyes are eyes with eternity's and heaven's color. The ocean is blue, many pretty flowers are blue! Brown eyes, what are they? Manure is brown, we shit brown! So why does brown repress the blue? It is simple. If we blend ocean water (blue eyes) with dirty water (brown eyes) then we get dirtier water. It is a bit darker. It shall take a lot to get the water clean and clearer than it is to get it dirtier. This is the reason for the children of the parents, one with blue and one with brown, most likely to inherit the brown "dirty" eyes. In order to improve our looks we must think of racial hygiene. It is important that 2 people with brown eyes don't mix, for they get an equally bad child as they are themselves. Blend 2 with blue eyes then they get an equally well child like themselves. This is one of the reasons that we ought to accept polygamy. A man with blue eyes and blond hair can have a wife with brown eyes, and another with blue. The children of the one with brown eyes becomes better than the mother because they inherit half of the fathers genes. This child must again pair with another with blue eyes and blond hair. This is how we wash out bad genes. This takes time, but is important to improve our people. The brown genes will probably dominate over the blue for the reason explained above, but with time they are washed out entirely. This is a long range way of thinking, there is no doubt of this, but it is exactly what we must begin to think, in order to improve the people in all possible ways. In order to survive as a people. The pattern below can be used also for hair color and height and size.

[picture of a genetic graph of dominant & recessive genes]

We will never get all perfect, and had we managed it, it would not be very well - for we need change. The affection is usually stronger than the logic so there will always be someone that ought to get children the same, which nevertheless get their children the same. That is without a doubt. Despite that those who have blue eyes and blond hair are more cherished than those with dark hair and brown are, of all people that live on earth there are only a little thousand which have these qualities. The rest are brown eyes and dark haired. The most have black hair. It is our duty to watch that humanity's complexity be watched out for. We will not speak about a colored world if we all have brown eyes or dark hair. We, the Germanic people, are humanity's flowers. We are the only people with blue eyes. We are the only people with blond hair. While all others have brown eyes with black or brown hair we are the only people that have blue eyes or blond hair. We are unique! To those that say this is racism I will ask, why? Yes, I am a racist and proud of it. It is not negative to be racist, it is natural. Racism is not to hate another race, it is to put your own race over another race, or your people over other people. All put their own children over other kids, or their own family over other families, why should we not set our people and race over all others? Why should we not prioritize our people's existence over the others existence? Is you child not more cherished by you than another person is? Those who say that we don't need to set people against others ought to think about it one more time. Weak people don't live at our expense. Think!

I think it's the people's right to take the law into their own hands! If someone breaks into the garage of a farmer with sons that want to punish the criminal themselves by giving him a beating, pouring tar on him, dipping him in feathers and tying him to the hood of a car and driving through the city, I see nothing crazy about it. It's insane that we in our own country have a law to punish those for injustices done against us, actually it's us that are punished if we do it. If I beat a man that tries to rape a neighbor woman I will get 6-12 years in prison (and if I am a "Nazi-pig" they will surely keep me for 12-21 years instead). It's insane that our parents must sit and look at the man who raped his kids sit in prison for a short while. And in prison they get special treatment because they are not as popular among the other inmates. I cannot grasp that on the father's side he didn't kill the man. Had the father done it and if I was the law, he would get praise and honor - as he had earned it. It is wrong that the government determines which punishment the criminal against our kids shall have! Here comes into play the code of honor and our sense of justice. Honor is more worthy than life, so if a man rapes a kids he has insulted the child's and parent's honor. This honor is more worthy than the rapists' shitty and sick life, it is only right and just that he must pay with his miserable life, for his crime. The Jewish authority however "punishes" him with only a few months in jail only to send him out into the sick society again. "Maybe he can be healthy again," "maybe his pedophilia was only temporary," and such ridiculous arguments the Jewish authority claims. It doesn't matter what he is, or what he can become, as long as he has done something so mean as to assault a child, his life has no right! (once a rapist, always a rapist). The reason he has no affection, if he had a hard childhood and became himself raped as a child, then that's their excuse. If he had become a rapist because of this, then of course it's a pity for him, but even worse for those he assaults, and it's not an excuse. It serves the victim's family honor if they kill him themselves, certainly only if they wish it. If a father wishes not to kill the man that rapes his child - he ought to take it as a strong sign that he himself is spiritually backwards and sick. Sympathy and mercy towards the assaulter is a Jewish-Christian weak spiritual defect. The same is considered of forgiveness. When punishing one who rapes adults the most simple punishment is to cut off his manhood. Then all can be certain he will not repeat the crime. If a father or someone else in the family wishes to avenge the rapist more severely, I believe it ought to be completely up to the father and rest of the family to determine it themselves. The Jewish authority shall not come and punish someone because the one who attacked one of his family members is punished by them. If they give him a beating or if they cut him in small pieces it's completely up to them, it doesn't have anything to do with the government. Such honorless behavior like the assaulters show is not something we can accept. They show no mercy toward the victims, so why should we give them any? By "punishing" them with only a couple of years in prison it shows how much the Jewish authority tolerances this. To say anything else is foolishness. One such authority doesn't wish that I shall guide our land.
Right Extremists
I have many times been called a right extremist. The same is considered of the skinhead society. It is entirely wrong to call us this. We are revolutionaries, we are the most revolutionary of all. The revolutionaries are those who sit entirely on the left side, and it's actually there you will find us. So spare us your nonsense, we are as far on the left as you can possibly be! If they really think that we are right extremists it says rather much about how little they know about national socialism, or politics in general, and if they know so little then their children can shut up, and let not say stuff about things they know nothing about!
Right Extremism
I have many times been called a high extremist. The same as the skinhead environment, it is completely wrong to call us high extremists. We are revolutionaries, we are the most revolutionary of all. The revolutionaries are those who sit entirely on the left side, and actually there is where you will find us. So spare us their nonsense, we are as far on the left side as it is possible to be! If they really think that we are high extremists it says quite a lot about who little they know about nationalism, or politics in it's entirety, and if they know so little then they can only shut up, and let it be declared any thing about things they don't know about.
Storm Division
NSDAP (Germany's NS party led by Adolph Hitler) had the SA ("sturm abteilung" which means Storm Division).The SA prevented that the NSDAP's meetings would be stormed, and they prevented the NSDAP's opponents from holding meetings and such. Today we have the AP as the government party - unfortunately - and this takes a strong distance from NS Germany's methods, they say themselves at any rate. This is a lie. The AP has such a storm department itself, which makes trouble and storms meetings held by Norwegian nationalists. The freedom of speech is only for those who agree upon what the government means and says! Nationalists are stopped with violence, slander, and similar terror. I am convinced that, for example, the fatherland's party is one of the parties in Norway which is the only party that knows what it stands for. They never get to come to order before the AP's storm division comes and destroys all for them. If this is democracy's view of freedom of speech than it says rather much about the democracy! Now I say AP's storm abteilung understands surely the majority of what I mean. I mean the shitty Blitz environment! This is financed by the government, a free apartment house in the middle of Oslo which had cost a fortune to rent for usual people is an example. The German SA was uniformed, "the brown jackets", the AP's SA also has a uniform; they dress the most ugly possible, cut their hair the most ugly possible, and look as if they've gone through the sewer (and smell like it too). With their tasteless ugly clothes and their colored hair they are uniformed also! Have you normal clothes, or "social" clothes, will you be cast out from their house because they accept only losers in loser-uniforms. Blitz youth are among a gang of freeloaders who "bum" from the people because of social money "or mama's weeks pay", for beer and dope is all they want to enjoy; a gang of doped losers who attack true northmen (nationalists) only because they are true northmen (nationalists) certainly only if the Blitz pack is in the overwhelming majority, at least 5-6 times as many as the nationalists are. The blitz pack are the largest losers in entire Norway, a gang of shits with serious puberty problems (some appear to have these puberty problems even though they are under 40 years old, it is known some who are never finished with puberty) The next time someone tries to cast a bomb in a Blitz-house I hope they do it during a concert and that they blow up the whole house and all in it! If they were such traitors, and there was a war to get our land back from the Jewish-Christian power, so to kill them is an act of war! Young aged is not an excuse for these traitors!
History Falsification
It's always the winner of the war who writes the history. That the freemason Roosevelt, who was President in the USA during the war, knew in good time that the Japanese planned to bomb Pearl Harbor, but didn't do anything to stop it, is something the revisionists have for a long time exposed. The same is considered of Germany's so-called Jewish elimination. The Jew elimination at the end of the 2nd World War is both deliberate and disproved, so what shall we believe is entirely up to ourselves. I won't claim that they didn't gas any Jews, but I will take a position strongly doubting that they gassed over 6 million of them, or as many a number near it! Actually I will claim that is a lie! Why? 1st I know that the winner wrote the history to their benefit, 2nd is that Europe swarms of Jews today (if there was over 6 million Jews in Europe than I understand today why there are so many anti-Semites left) for the 3rd there is 8 million Jews in the USA who for the majority have polish or German last names (where did they come from? Did they pop out of thin air or fly to USA before the war? So they weren't gasses anyway) for the 4th I have problems understanding how the Germans should manage to gas 6 million people in a year (it began in March 1944 or April and ended in Sept. or Oct. the same year because the gas they used was Zyklon B, a gas which gives serious injury if you get in on your bare skin, and the gas chamber cannot be entered for at least 24 hours after it's used (they claim that new loads of Jews were gassed every 20 minutes)). I have myself seen "the true stories" which have been cinematized and how the Germans open the containers the gas was kept in with a bayonet without having gloves on their hands and dressed only in a miserable gas mask. This is ludicrous! In the same film, the "true" story, the SS officers were entertained by gypsies and gypsy music. When we know that gypsy music was strongly forbidden (and we know that SS men were actually those who didn't break this rule) so we say little about how truthful this "true" story must be ( I think of the film "Kjemp eller di" fight or die) If you have 15 gas chambers (the Germans didn't have this many at once) and gas 200 in each chamber every day for half a year (about 185 day) you totally gas (15 x 200 x 185 = 555,000) 555,000 people. That the Germans managed to gas 6 million Jews in this time is beyond all logic! Even German effectiveness has its limits. Besides, if these camps were elimination camps, then why did it swarm of Jews after the war which tells us that they had been in elimination camps? If they spoke the truth, they ought to be dead themselves, if not then it's impossible for them to have been elimination camps! And if they say that they stood on a "waiting list" to be gassed it means that it took longer to gas them, and then it can be impossible that the Germans had managed to gas 6 million in such a short time! The lies are contradictions! Spare us their ludicrous lies. Another thing is the Jews. What did the Jews actually do during the war, aside form being gassed? If 6 million Jews died and all were gassed, what actually did these who weren't? They sat at home and talked money while their brothers were gassed? I can believe that 6 million Jews died during the war, but I also think that consists of all who died of old age, sickness, hunger, work accidents, other accidents, in the war as soldiers who fought against the 3rd Reich, of suicide and other things. Accurately such as the other people died in the war, and in peace also, with the exception of those who died as soldiers. They were at any rate, not gassed, as stated from the ally's side, mostly from the Jews own side! According to the report from the Red Cross about 120,000 Jews died in German concentration camps and all died of sickness and hunger (which all struggled with in Germany at the time) I believe this, but I believe not that 6 million were gassed! It seems as if the Germans had pity for the dead to absolutely all Jews who died in the period from 1939 to 1945. Do you believe in the Jewish elimination? Then you must also not believe that a single Jew died for any other reason from 1939-45, is there anything to believe?
Army Angel
The defense we have in Norway today is pitiful! We have fewer warplanes in Norway than a single American aircraft carrier has. We have a main marine base outside of Bergen, which is completely unprotected, as the government has its army division in Hordaland. We have an army that is supplied with weapons that are up to 55 years old. At the same time they talk about how important it is to protect the peace in Europe, if the situation that Norway should be drawn into a conflict arises. It took 1 million soldiers 2 months to force Norway to surrender, with only 20,000 miserably supplied soldiers defending Norway, and some allied strengths who fought around Narvik. Norway's situation is similar today! The defense was built constantly down between war times, while the entire Europe built up its military power, today Norway build down again, while Europe builds up. Today the treason government in Norway talks about securing the peace for us with membership in Jewish organizations like the EU, FN, and NATO! This is done by giving away our land to avoid having to offer a little toil and tears, and take responsibility for Norway! Norway has at all no need for any other allies than Sweden and maybe Finland. If Norway took responsibility for itself we would not need to be afraid of anyone. No power in the world would manage to force a strong gathered Norway to its knees. Sweden had up to a few years ago the world's 3rd strongest air defense (now China is the largest and possibly India too). Finland has a stupendous army and Norway a strong sea defense (so to speak useless without air support and secure bases to get supplies from. H?konsvern is no such base when the army department who should defend it and the territory around it is built down.) If all these 3 Nordic lands join forces together and build up their defense in all ways we will not need any others. We will not need to creep in the dust and beg for help from others, as the traitor government does today to get a guarantee of help from the same lands who invaded us or planned to invade us a little over 50 years ago. Russia attacked Finland Nov. 30 a.y.p.s. Germany attacked Norway April 9 1940 and Britain together with France were on the way to invade Norway the same day, but the Germans stole a march on them. Sweden gave all its ore resources to the 3rd Reich and by stopping these deliveries these allies would occupy both Norway and Sweden. They had to go through Norway to get to Sweden (the Baltic was blocked of Germans to make the enemies of Germany stronger from Sept. 1 1939, when they attacked Poland) and in addition all the ore was transported from Narvik with ships to Germany. It is therefore there were hard fights in Narvik. This was also a place French soldiers fought against Germans in Norway. May 13 1940 a.y.p.s. the French became "the 1st Battalion, 13th Demi-Brigade de Legion Etrangere" (the foreign legionnaires) and the French "342nd Compagnie Autonome de Chars de Combat" (5 Hotchkiss tanks, 12 ton tanks with .37mm cannons and sovereign armor compared to the German tanks at the time) set in the land by British landings craft at 01:00 o' clock in the vicinity of Bjerkvik north-east of Narvik by the head of Herjangs-Fjorden. Two weeks later Narvik was captured by a strong consistence of French, Norwegian, and polish soldiers supported by British planes and ships. The allies meddled altogether not about Norway; they were only interested in Narvik. It was from there the resources to Germany were transported. If Germany had not occupied Norway; the allies would have done it. Then Germany would likewise have been able to invade Norway to secure it (for Germany) the essential Swedish ore resources. Had it happened, Norway and Sweden would have become territories as itself the war was fought out. The entire Scandinavia would have been laid in ruins. From 2 bad things - German occupation in Norway or the prolonged war in the entire Scandinavia - we got it bad. Instead of cursing the Germans for what they did, we ought to curse the allies who pushed Germany to occupy Norway, and we ought to curse the "Norwegian" traitor government who didn't work together with the Germans instead of believing they could be neutral! Those who believe that Norway was for the allies before Germany's occupation of Norway I must disappoint (or I hope please) that Norway was a neutral land with more sympathy for Germany than for Great Britain/the commonwealth of France. The Norwegian merchant fleet was very German friendly. A consequence of this was that around 3500 Norwegian fishers and seafarers perished on the sea from the result of British air attacks against German military targets (Norwegian merchant ships and fishing boats). Or certainly we have other examples of allied air attacks against the German occupation's power, as the bombing of a Norwegian children's school on Laksev?g in Bergen for example, where over 100 children and teachers were lying dead in the ruins. That a single German soldier cried over what had happened while they fought against the fire and dug the school kids and teachers out of the ruins, is something we don't hear about much (the winner writes the history, and the Germans lost the war, therefore there is only a little positive written about them in history). Around 10,000 people lost their lives as a result of the German occupation in Norway. We can strongly wonder how many actually the Germans took the lives of. There are not so many after we have counted all who the allies took the life of with their bomb attacks (not at least in Kirkenes where a handful of houses were all that stood after the Russian bombing during the war). Germany didn't feel like occupying Norway in it's entirety, the Norwegian people were a prime example of a proud, healthy and Aryan people in the German's eyes and we had no discrepancy between the countries. They were pushed to it by the allies and complained not as much as we Norwegians did! So a little bit about the occupation itself. we shall be glad that it was Germans who occupied Norway, and not any others. The Germans liked the northmen, at least because we were a prime example of a clean Aryan people. We hear today about acts of violence in the former Yugoslavia, committed by both or all three, parts in the conflict, if a German soldier rapes a woman in an occupied land he is executed! This noble side of the German army we never hear anything about, we only hear the negative of them and most if it is lies! The German's didn't look at us as enemies, and they didn't see us as an occupation army! Northmen were dealt with afterwards! Norwegian women who had intercourse with Germans under the occupation were closely cropped and pestered after the occupation. Today in a single environment in Norway, Norwegian women are pestered, and some even mistreated, or if they abstain from having intercourse with colored foreigners, because then they are "racists" or "Nazis"! This says much about the development we have had in Norway after wartime. Certainly the Germans were part of an occupation power, but it is also the "colored" foreigners who reside in Norway now. There are not so many that see them as this, but it is actually what they are! The occupation's power is an international power, Illuminati, which works to destroy all the clean-raced Aryan people from within with race blending, narcotics and with Jewish Christian religion and politics! In Sweden every 4th child born is of foreign origin. In Germany over 5 million "colored" foreigners live, and in Norway's capital city it's impossible for the "west land farmers" and "country idiots like me" to find grocery stores which are not owned by "colored" if one finds himself east of the Oslo Central Train Station! We feel like foreigners in our own country! In Norwegian prisons there is on the average 40% of "colored" inmates, in Oslo it's 60%, and so to speak all sit for narcotics crimes (or it is the murder of other "colored" and rape of Norwegian women that they sit for). What is it we actually think of? If all this development stops our folk will go under. Cast these parasites out of our land!!
Norwegian Earth
There have been many churches burnt in the last years. A portion of the heathen revival. Why are they burning churches? What happens when a church is burnt is that more people learn to set a price on the churches, more become Christians, and the church's power is strengthened. It can after all work as if the church burning has the complete opposite effect, but such is it also not. For even though the church and it's coward Jewish worship is strengthened, heathendom is strengthened 10 times as strong! To burn a church is like giving a sword to the church, but at the same time 10 swords to heathendom, and with that heathendom is strengthened most from the church burning. We get the psychologically wise Odin to the people, and Odin is ignited in their soul is the effect. At least not our old brainwashed parents and their fossil parents are drawn against the church while the youth are drawn against heathendom. Self said, to be drawn the young and the old both ways, but above I speak about the majority of the groups. Our psychological warfare is a long term one. It will take a long time to get the adults to see the glory and splendor in heathendom, so if we had tried we would not manage it before the death of the age. Instead of correcting the attention against our own generation, and the next. They are not brainwashed by the Jewish system yet and with that it is easier to manage to get them to understand how necessary heathendom is. When we manage this they will altogether have a long life in front of themselves if it takes maybe 20 years to get a Norwegian-izing of them. At the same time Christendom will die out as our parents and their parents again die out. The time is on our side. Our parent's generation says that the youth are so easy to influence and with that we try to wake them instead. They say that our message is so weak that we must go on the weak youth so that we shall get some with us. This is a typical Jewish way to explain away disagreeable things. The reality is that the youth are not brainwashed by Christianity yet, and therefore it is easier for us to recruit the youth to our noble war than it is to recruit adults. The youth is still spiritually healthy and unspoiled by the Jewish-Christian's death worship and misanthropy. The younger we are the less we are infected with foreign morals and ethics. A 15 year old has far more against an 18 year old. It's the young teenagers that are the least afraid of getting in a fight. The older the more cowardly. This is due to exactly what I speak about above, they have more of our natural heathen morals and the stronger the younger they are, the older they are the more indoctrinated in the Jewish system they are! This cannot be explained away, it is what it is. The older we become the less fantasy we get, this is due to the same. Colorful heathen children are painted gray by the Jewish system's death religion as they grow up. I am 21 years old and was looked upon as a kid of correct psychology. This is due to the fact that I like to play. When I was out, I played with my friends. This sounds funny maybe, but I did it. The play turned into fighting with 3 sticks and clubs. We got 5-6 sticks in the forest, got in groups and then separated our teams. The 1st group could for example be assigned to fire at some monetary ruins while we tried to take the monastery. It was dark and while 4 defended the ruins there could be 2 that attacked. So the play went on to creeping and striking those down, or to take an object that they had put in a place in the ruins and come out "alive". The rules for the fighting were only that we shouldn't beat on the head and that we shouldn't hit harder than it hurt, only "marked". Even though we only marked we got blue and bloody sores (from a mark from a club 2 or 3 kg.) especially cuts on fingers and bruises on arms and legs. There are many scenarios that went on in the play, for example, 3-4 of us would hunt one along the forest, the ambush attack with various traps and blunt spears cast out against the enemy, fighting on steep slopes, over water and the like. To roll down a slope and land in a creek is not especially pleasant, so there one fought rather intense in order to avoid the fall. This is the childish fun you learn to endure pain and is good exercise. You learn tactics and fighting art. If this isn't a fine lesson than I don't know what is. It's also a little dangerous, but it is only fun and helpful. I hope I never become an "adult."
Now back to the churches. Many say the church represents our culture, it ought to be very clear that they don't, clear for all and each other. The churches are a portion of the Jewish-Christian culture, not the Norwegian culture! I agree that many of the stave churches are built with outstanding art with heathen architecture, but it doesn't mean that the churches aren't Jewish-Christian! We ought to relive the building art and build in heathonistic styles today, instead of mumbling over the old stave churches. We don't need rejoicing over the stave churches existence when we can build finer and more cultural buildings today. The main reason that the stave churches are burnt or tried to be burnt is what they are built on. Most often the stave churches are built in the middle of a natural circle. A heathen holy place. Such places were used for magic, where they danced in a ring. In the ring there is also an empty stone hill temple where they denounced Jewish-Christian idiots. How can they expect us to respect their churches when they are built on top of our thousand year old heathen holy places? One and all were either crushed, destroyed, or built churches on our land when it became infected of this spiritual black death around the year 1000!. All the soil was flattened and compensated with church farms and monasteries. The Christians destroy it and when we take little action we are put in prison and punished as "evil Satanists" and "devil worshippers." If there is any devil it is the "god" the Jewish-Christians themselves adore, because nothing other than a "devil" would allow such death worship. By building Jewish-Christian garbage on our holy earth they sealed a door to more knowledge about our past. They have watched the "culture" interested in fighting in order to preserve these seal by letting the old churches stand on holy heathen soil, they have watched them fight for the loss of our culture by making them fall in love with it. The graves in the earth under the oldest churches are the biggest chance for us to find tracks of our forefathers, Norse worship, magic and sorcery. So regardless of where fine stave churches are, that which is under them is of a large interest, both for heathendom and culture interest. (the Jewish Christians have nothing to say, Norway is heathen earth, our earth.) This is considered of all churches and similar insults against the building art, which is from the middle ages or built on heathen holy soil from that time.
The Pendulum
The development in Norway goes more and more towards a totally Jewish-Christian state, we don't have the permission to have as many dogs and cats as we want, we are punished by the system if we drive a motorcycle without a helmet, we cannot make up our minds to which political party we shall support (if we support a nationalist party we are subject to badgering and slander, and people are regularly fired from their jobs if they are nationalists). The traitor government has systematically disposed politically of their opponents and sit again as the large party. I, who sit in prison, often get to hear that it must be awful not to be free. It is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard, those who are outside the prison walls are not free either! The walls are in the form of laws for all those who are not in prison. They are captives in a totally Jewish Christian state. In Norway we experience being stopped by the police without any reason except ,"routine control". In other countries, USA for example, the police don't have any laws to stop anyone unless they have concrete evidence about something unlawful. In Oslo I have experienced being stopped twice by the police, been ransacked and papers have been inspected both within 100 meters. In Norway everyone has a personal number, so that a totalitarian state shall be able to control and watch over the people all the time! If we use a bank card, the mother-pig gets to know where we are. In other lands - again I'll use the USA as an example - there isn't such a number. They give a number to all people who have been punished by imprisonment, but none other has such a number! In Norway we are all a number! Soon we all surely will get an operator in a broadcast station who can tell the mother-pig where we are all the time, and this is represented as its best for the people's safety, such that if there is an accident the rescue center can find the injured at once. They will require such operators for our own safety. The last years have payment cards and such things been pressed on the people with intense advertising. This is a scheming way for the mother-pig to gain more control of our children, all who use such cards are watched over more than the others. If a creditor does something, as to go to the doctor, go on a trip, shop in the store or fill gas in his car, the mother-pig registers it. If you have a payment card you are, to a large degree, watched more than those who usually are. We have rather no laws to produce that which those that watch us can produce, alcohol, for example. Homebrew today is sold as only this, in spite of the state's monopoly on alcohol. Had whoever been able to produce alcohol it would not be possible for the cynical capitalist pigs to earn the gross of the sale of HB. They earn money because the state has a monopoly on the sale of alcohol. The state wants that we shall be the most possible dependant of it. Therefore, we get laws to have the least possible without the states permission. The independence of the system is a threat against it. Are you self-sufficient, then the Jewish power loses their power of you! Therefore, they must mourn that we all are dependant of the system. That we don't have laws to defend against our own act of tyranny or theft from other's is an example, we shall be dependant of the mother-pig's police. Are we capable of protecting our own without the help from others, then we are a threat to the Jewish system! This Jewish system appreciates many people, the weak and cowardly people, those who don't have courage or the ability to protect themselves - those who beat down the people and make us a weak people! It's right that these will have it very bad in the world I glorify, but it can be not considered of, when we have chosen between respecting a weak coward or letting the people survive, there is no doubt that we must let the people survive. Let the people become strong or let them die! There is no alternative for the humanity if we wish to survive and bloom! It is a choice between the people's life or death, I choose it's eternal life! Class Distinction is a much discussed topic. Some want that there shall be all alike, and equally worthy. Communism is a good example. Karl Marx was born May 5th, 1818 in Trier in Germany, he was of Jewish descendants but was himself both baptized (6 years old) and confirmed (16 years old). Marx had plans to become a priest in the Lutherian church, instead he took education in law. Two of Marx's daughters committed suicide and are dead because Marx didn't have the money for medicine for them. They had rather no money to bury her, all the money went to Marx's political work. He neglected his family totally for the benefit of his political authorship! The belief of the clean material world is central to the Marx theory. A material world without any form for the difference between people and folk. All shall be painted in one color and be set under a system. We shall all become "just another brick in the jewish wall". None shall get laws to be better than others and stand out - for all shall be alike. It's the differences which create energy! With the class differences the people loses a part of it's energy! If we blend the races we destroy the energy which is created between the different people! The energy with each other in the people is created by the class differences, or the differences in the meanings! With physical attributes it's explained earlier, but I remember that I don't wish that all shall have blue eyes and blond hair - however shall we arrange for those with blue eyes and blond hair to not be drowned in the ocean of those with brown eyes and brown hair. We shall likewise also see to it that there becomes more of those with Nordic appearances here in the North. It's out of the question, I expect to meet Nordic people with Nordic appearances in the North, accurately as much as I expect to meet Arabic people with Arabic looks in "Arabia" (the Arabic Lands). In a conversation where the conversationalists are agreed upon there is rarely some enthusiasm from any of the sides, some energy behind the conversation. However, if two who disagree talk, it creates energy. This is considered of other things also, and not only for people, but for the entire people, races, and humanity. We can think of a pendulum which swings forward and back, the longer it swings out on the one side the longer it swings out on the other side. The time it takes for the pendulum to swing from the outermost point on the one side to the outermost on the other side changes tremendously. The pendulum swings more rapidly for a people than a folk. Norway's number is 900. It takes 900 years for the pendulum to swing from the one side's outermost point to the other side's outermost point. Norway's pendulum was outermost on the other side around the year 900, after that it went downwards with Norway, and 900 years later it was on the outermost point on the bad side of Norway (1814). After that it went towards the good side, the outer point on the good side will be now around the year 2700 a.y.p.s. The coming period will be a period where Norway, the same with Sweden and Denmark, will rise to be a strong kingdom, a strong Nordic kingdom! The kingdom will last until 2700 a.y.p.s. where a new downturn for Norway comes. All people have such a common pendulum with different speeds. Some who strengthen this theory are mankind's tallest for the last 1000 years. In the Viking times we were about as tall as we are now, while we were on the shortest during 1700-1800. After this it went up and over again. I don't like to admit this, but the Jewish-Christian death religion and anti-culture has been necessary for Norway, this down turn for Norway has been the inhumane push in the wrong direction needed for Norway to advance enough to go in the positive direction. When it is the differences which create energy, this very energy is created for the people as an entirety. A little banally can I compare Norway with a child who sits on a swing. The faster it goes, the more fun it is to swing. If the swing hangs down it's not very fun. This underlying reality of getting away the Jewish-Christian death religion and anti-culture, for becomes the swing hanging fast on one of the sides edge will the child (Norway) be able to fall off and hurt himself. This is what we try to avoid by turning around towards our own culture and religion and to follow it again. The Jewish belief has played its roll, and must be gotten rid of, "an old powerless man dies, and a young strong one takes over!" The entire people is an entirety who need differences, over such a long time which is here explained, for to create energy to develop and survive. The difference is what our people are built on and it is that which makes us different from our close, and in my eyes dear neighbor Swedes, Danes and Icelanders. The same with those we have the Nordic soul, as the Germanic with our European race siblings, and etc….as explained under the chapter Heart and Child earlier in Vargsmål. A single people have also a pendulum, even the universe has one, the planets, yes all have a pendulum which swings to give life to exist! Some single people have a pendulum which takes over a lifetime to swing from one outer edge to the other, others have pendulums which wing quickly. For a single person shall develop himself, grow and become bigger (in a spiritual and physical way), must the pendulum swing forward and back. For this single reason we can look at our own misery as a part of the higher power contribution to the development of ourselves, and we can also enjoy the life's joy without getting a bad conscience over those who have it good. In reality there is nothing which is good or bad for us, all is in harmony by giving us the energy we need to continue the run against the naked singularity. If we are in disagreeable situations, then we can always know that it is to our best, and that it will turn around, at one or another time. We can be pleased over the one's closest to us sorrow, an absurd thought for people of the age. What this misery of goodness aims at is the individual. Without a doubt there are found many parallel pendulums in the person. Some can have it terribly material wise and at the same time live a good life filled with warmth and love, others can drown in material luxury and at the same time live an empty life. This combination is not rare. Our 5 bodies, Lik, Vordr, Hamr, Hugr and Ond have all their own pendulums which swing independent of the others. The body (the physical body) need physical training in the form of heavy physical work or training; the guardian spirit (life powers) needs stimulation in the form of warmth, security, joy and real love; the outer shell (the astral body) needs stimulation in the form of creative display, music, art and dreams; the mind (the mental) needs stimulation in the form of mental work where memory, concentration and thinking are built up. The evil (spirit) is a result of all the others. The opposite of the above mentioned stimuli is needed also to get speed on the pendulum. We need also to be exposed to rest, cold, sorrow, hate, tranquility, emptiness, mental rest and etc…. so that the different bodies shall be built up. The bodies pendulum can swing rather fast from the one side to the other, and they can swing both ways at once. One can get love and warmth from someone, and hate and a cold shoulder at the same time from someone else. The pendulums must eternally swing, all the same!
The use of call names is frequent in the notorious so-called "Satanist society". The reason for this is that we began to use such names. From the band Darkthrone we have Fenriz, a distinguished person, but what's important to notice is that Fenriz actually is Fenriz, his name is Gylve Fenris and he has not done anything except change the last letter with a "z". "Count Grishnackh". The reason I chose this name was not to have a tough name. The word "count (greve)" comes from the Latin word "comtes" that means partner or companion. I am the true Germanic folk's "partner" and "companion" and with that I chose this title. One of my foremothers was called Susanne Malene Qisling. She was born 06-02-1811 and dies 10-05-1891. Qisling means "that which stems from a division of kingly descendants" and Q is an old protection rune (only in order to stress that it's not a foreign name). This means that for me to use a noble title is not a misuse as it would have been for many others. The same with the above mentioned reasons of mine I believe the name is justified. Grishnackh is a name taken from a book, the Lord of the Rings. Grishnackh was one of Sauron's warriors. Sauron can be interpreted as Odin, the one ring like Draupnir, trolls as beserkers, the orks as einherjere, the Wargs like Ulfhedner, Barad-Dur (the dark tower) like Hlidskjolf and many more. The language Grishnackh speaks in the book has words like drepa, jarn, auga, ilska and more. The name Burzum, that I use as the name of the music I have given out ("Burtsum is pronounced with a usual rolled R and is like a norwegian word) is plural for Burz, that means night or dark. Here in meaning "the Jewish-Christian darkness and night, and the genuine German light and day" in Norwegian language is um the suffix for indefinite, plural in all genders. For this simple reason I have used the name from this book. It was a way to "camouflage" the heathendom by using a name that had to be interpreted in order to see the connection with heathendom. This was done in order to have the most cryptic and esoteric name possible. Only the most well informed would understand the connection. Also is Grishnackh not a name to have a tough name, it is a name to tell those that understand that I am one of Odin's warriors. Of all the names I chose, it suggested, exactly to give a hint that it was not just to have a tough name.
I awoke one night, sat in the dark and looked toward the sorrowful city. Many lonely lights made thoughts descend down in my mind. Maybe a woken soul sits over there, a soul who switched on a light in the dark night to be seen. For that someone shall come and give comfort and warmth, but no one comes because during the night men and women sleep. They sleep to be able to meet a new day at work. The lonely light continues to radiate. When the day again rides over the beautiful horizon all wander out to the life in the light. No one notices the lonely lights which also shine during the day, for those who shine at night also shine during the day - none stand out. The lonely lights are seen, but it's of no use. When the night rides over again the darkness sinks. Then I see again the lonely lights that shine in the dark, but the others sleep and can't see, cannot help. These lights that always shine, extinguish before the others, for they have always burnt and never slept. I sat in the dark and peered toward the city. Maybe others sat and did the same? Sat and looked toward the light they didn't have? They were what no one saw. The day came in its old chariot and we wandered out in the light again. But where the light is there is always shadows, we all have our own shadow. The unlit lights were lit up by the eyes on heaven and were not for man and woman a shadow. For when the light shines one can never be a shadow among the people, for even though one has a shadow, all others also have it. This light never extinguishes, for if they never are lit then light, warmth will burn to the ground.
People are like books, and the world is like a library. Some believe that it is important to be known with the most possible people, and have what we call superficial relationships with mass amounts of people. If you go in a library it's not important to see the cover of the most possible books, what you will learn if to get out a pair of interesting books and take a good amount of time to read them. Those who want to know the most possible only see the cover of many books, maybe they get as far as a few pages through the books, but they never get to read some of them. So there is actually no point in finding the books in the 1st place. When you have read some of the books thoroughly you ought to take care of them, as reference work, and to have the possibility to read them again if you should forget some of their wisdom and secrets. You always find new meanings for every time you read them. Some books are bad, others are good, some are boring, others fun to read, some are knowledgeable and others only entertaining, some thick others thin, some are delightful others strenuous and so on. Some books have a glittering, beautiful cover, but then are empty of contents when you open them, some have a neutral cover but are full of beautiful words, some are worn out, old and gray, but full of wisdom. All books are different from each other (people are not printed in 1000s of ways for example, but for the most part a publication of the book is the same as the book). Some authors have written many books, and therefore the authors will have more sides of themselves to show. Some can have read only the one book, while others have read the other, some have read all the books. Such is it with people, we show more sides of ourselves to different people. Someone gets to see all the sides of us. The superficial relationship displays only the cover, and therefore you don't actually know much about the person. That which hides behind the cover you don't know before you have taken the time to read the book. It can actually be difficult to be able to read the book you yourself wish to read. Something you don't openly get, others are written in riddles so you don't understand them. Some you can't get a grasp on, others are admitted because it is others who borrow them. I will forcibly emphasize that "to read a book" doesn't aim at having sex. This is something a part of the colored have a tendency to try, followed by many compliments of how fine and pretty the woman is to make her adjusted. I can start with that there is this woman who was intoxicated and told me about these "coloreds" and not something I am making up. Those who go home with them without wanting to have sex with them are raped, gladly by many of these "disease carriers" (AIDS/HIV we got and still get in Norway from "coloreds" especially from Africans and Southern Europeans, Syphilis comes from Indians) This is something we also hear much about in the papers, even thought they try to conceal that it's the "coloreds" who commit the rapes. To read a book doesn't aim at being known with a person through other communication then sexual. Sexual communication one should only have with a special "book". The "book" one likes most of all. No others shall get to read this innermost chapter in the book than the one chosen. A result of this is that the man doesn't find more women who will only have him, in addition to that men must enjoy only one woman also, but of a different reason than women. To get the entrance to the different chapters must one be in the right place at the right time, or create special situations, and in some instances can one quite simply only open the book and read the chapter one wishes to. As an example one can simply and obviously ask a person what they mean about this and that, to find out what the person is afraid of must one end up in a situation which makes the persons fear show. Read the books, not only look at the cover or flip quickly through them. A book can teach you something only if you read it.

Cattle die,
Kinsmen die,
A soul dies the same,
I know what never dies,
That which was never born.

Homo Homini Lupus
I feel cheated when I'm born in a time of peace, when the world all the time tries to create a universal peace. I have no lust to live in peace, it fights against my nature, and I have lust to fight and die in war, to kill and to be killed on the battlefield! This is something I dream of, and I know that there are many other men and boys who think like me, so I am not alone about these dreams. Many talk about that they shall let there be a New World war. They don't look at understanding humanity's requirements. I should have given whatever to be able to die in battle since I was little I have thought that it's better to live five minutes in war than a whole lifetime without! Something that makes me shimmer is the hope of war, the hope that I once shall die in war! When the cold war was over, there was something that extinguished in me, the hope of war got a dramatic crack. For each day that passes I lose a little of that hope, a day without war, a day without real meaning. A day without battle is a day without life. To live in battle is to live; to live in peace is to degenerate! Our parents have destroyed all the possibilities for us to die as men; we are restrained by them and their coward system as cowards in the bed (the deathbed). The suicide statistics have never been higher than they are now, and it rises steadily, in war there are so to speak none that commit suicide, for the war gives life a meaning for all! It is the hope of the morning, which makes life worth living, as life goes on. The day there is war, all will hope about fighting for peace, then life will have a meaning for all! When there is not any likelihood of war it's difficult to hope, and equally difficult to live. It is equally unhealthy for a man to not fight, as it is to abstain from sexual intercourse with women! Some sickness develops in the man's mind, or it prevents that the man develops, as he should. The man gets psychological problems and behavior problems. Many compensate this by satisfying their man instincts in other ways, as for example "blind" power and an exaggerated sex life with many partners, someone new all the time. Peace makes the man an eager whore user with an inferiority complex! Real men become seen as inferior in this Jewish Christian society, it is the man who is oppressed not the woman! We who are not whore users with inferiority complexes are seen as psychopaths and madmen, at least they will have us explained as mentally sick because we have a healthy man's instinct, and because we want war, death and misery which our folk can grow on and learn from. Real friendship rises only in the form of comrades in arms. There is also some that are completely forgotten in our time, but we don't need friendship in this time where we have the mother pig as our "best friend". That is what they try to pass forward. Another result of this doomed peace we degenerate in is that men develop womanly instincts, spiritual defects like homosexuality. Women advance also the peace's misanthropy, they develop the instincts they see short of men, women's dutiful and loyal nature makes mankind survive, a woman defends herself and her family with extreme fanaticism because there aren't any real men who manage to do this. This naturally is at the expense of the woman's own instincts, so women develop spiritual defects, also in the form of homosexuality - namely women who think they are men. Bisexuality with women is however not a spiritual defect. It is natural for a woman to be able to look at other women as beautiful and sexually attractive. That women admire aloud how fine another woman is, is not something we have any reason to react to. This of the only reason that a woman is fine to look at, while men are ugly, with hair growing out of the face, brutal facial features, and a large, hard and lumpy body. We are so ugly that when we come home from the battlefield with bloody sores that become scars then it makes us not uglier, on the contrary a proof of manliness. That which shall make a man attractive is not his appearance, but his power and ability on the battlefield! Women; however, are attractive for the reason of their beautiful, clean and delicate looks! It shall be expected as much of the man that he is able and brave on the battlefield as is expected of a woman that she is clean (the meaning of clean is explained earlier in Vargsmål). An archaic view maybe, but nevertheless healthy and humanly. I plead to be much more humanly than the Jewish-Christians are, not at least because I don't try to suppress and delete my aggressive humanly instincts! It is nonsense to want to change humanity's nature beyond what evolution changes in a positive way, and what I write above is actually a part of our harmonious nature. To be able to say that we live in peace must we know what war is, the oldest generation maybe knows, those who survived the war during the months of 1940 a.y.p.s. when the Germans occupied Norway and in the 5 years which followed the ally's bombing, but no others know it. I have not survived war during this life, the closest I have come is being shot with a .22 rifle and shotgun, I have also had a father living in the capital city in a land with war (Baghdad 1980 a.y.p.s. or 1979, I don't entirely remember) while I was on Kypros and later in Norway, but I will for another reason call it having survived war. I can say that I don't know what war is, and with that I don't know what peace is either. What is peace actually? What is the wisdom in having peace? Why can we not be allowed to learn it? They can't possibly explain to us how it is to live in war; we must experience it ourselves. Accurately in the same manner as that one must experience how it is to have sex before one knows what it is, none can tell us how it is. We must experience it ourselves. It's just as insane to deny us to experience war as it would be if they deny us to find our women to have a life with. As a (Norwegian) man I have primary lusts, the carnal lust for a genuine Norwegian woman, and to lust to fight a life or death fight for my proud people! To take part in a war only for the sake of war is not smart, it must be a war with meaning, a noble war, a war to defend your own folk and fatherland against intruders! It is these 2 primary instincts which make me a man, if I didn't have them, would I not be a man! I hope that I will get the chance to die as a man in battle, for if not I must offer myself to Odin as a last desperate solution, and I would rather die from another man's hands than my own, but if there is no other solution there is nothing else to do. Cast the spear and give the fallen to Odin, down shall I fall and take up secrets, to the large hall of the king where I shall fight until Ragnarok. Then we will meet again, for it is those who die in bed who are Hel's weak ghosts!
Aeternitas Te Adjutbitur
A heathen who finds a large apple tree goes over to it, climbs it, eats his fill, and takes as many apples as he can carry further on his journey. A Christian goes to the tree, sits under it, and asks "god" for the apples to fall down in his sweaty arms. After awhile, when the apples are overripe, they fall down, right in the apathetic Christian's arms. The Christian praises "the lord" for giving him food, not at least he takes this as proof that "god" exists and is with him. He gave probably the apples to him? The problem for the Christian is that sometimes he dies of hunger before the apples fall down in his cold arms, or that the heathen plucks and eats all the apples before some of them fall down to the un-enterprising Christian bum who sits there waiting for "god's will" to be complete. This irritates the Christian bum endlessly. And since there are 20 times as many Christian bums than there is heathens, then they can attack the heathen and hold him again so that he cannot climb up in the tree after the apples. They can coerce him to do so for them. Sit and wait for "god" to give them apples, or to die of hunger if "god" means that they have not earned it. "God's ways are inscrutable." If the heathen sneaks up in the tree at night and takes some of the apples while the Christian sleeps, the Christian puts him in prison. He breaks the law, "god's" law which they are representative of, actually they found the law because it is "god's will" and they attend to god's interests, obviously. They have found a law which makes you a law breaker if you deny this also, to violate "god's will" is blasphemy and blasphemy is punishable by law. This is a characterized example of the Jewish -Christian mentality, only that heretic means "one who dares to think for themselves" says rather much about this funny Jewish religion! Take their shirt and hold it for themselves, we will not have it, and we won't rather have them. Become alive and feel their nature, first then they will be able to say that they live, they will become worthy people! Crush Christianity and all it stands for, we are Norwegian, not slaves for the Jews! The largest warriors live as an arrow, not a target. The arrow goes through the room, directs, quickly, lively and in motion (it has a direction and a purpose). A target stands in silence, still and only waits for something to happen. The heathen purpose.
The Superman
To build something new one must tear down the old, to preserve the old must one destroy the new. Much is spoken about what is crazy and who is such, but how we actually can change it for the better is not spoken about much. What is it actually that is realistic that we can change for the better? First we must strengthen and sharpen ourselves. I have met many "revolutionaries" who don't own "a needle in the wall" who never do any form of physical training and who don't do anything to be wiser. They only are "revolutionaries" - they believe themselves to be at any rate. The want is there, the lust is there and the good meanings, but the knowledge of how they actually shall be revolutionaries is entirely absent. Its first and most important to revolutionize yourself! Stop thinking as a Jewish-Christian slave and stop behaving like a Jewish-Christian slave! Procure an ideal to live up to, the Norwegian ideal, the old-Norwegian ideal! To begin to familiarize yourself with the Nordic mentality is a good beginning, for first when you think like a real northman then you are a real northman! It is actually what we need here in Norway - real northmen! We don't need people, dumb people, humiliating people, weak people, cowards, honorless people, people without a spine, people without pride, without honor or with a non-Germanic ideology. We need true northmen, no others, for who else is interested in building a Norwegian Norway other than true northmen? To develop the true Norwegian-ness and get the many Norwegian qualities of the true northmen must he, or she, work with themselves. Physical training, psychological training, training of everything. Accomplished through cultivation of all that you can develop to make you a superman! All that shall make you become as limber as a ballet dancer is 15-20 minutes of stretching and bending every day, all that it takes to become stronger is a little time training each day, all it takes to get in good condition is to a quick run in the forest a couple of times a week for example, all it takes to master knowledge is to always have books to read before you go to sleep, and not only fiction, all it takes to become in a good mood and more alert is to drop coffee and the unhealthy food, at least soda and other American garbage. It is not difficult and doesn't take a long time to lift yourself up on the plane above the dregs of society so why not do it? The moral is something doesn't come overnight, but is possible to master the moral over longer periods of time with the help of self suggestion. To read the old Norwegian literature is a fine way to understand the moral. To try to think, put yourself in situations, as if you are a true northman will finally make you as what you play. Finally will you be convinced that you are a true northman, you will therefore replace your weak with your strong, let the weak go into the background. Each time you are cowardly or lie, remember that you are a true northman, not a coward or a liar, and after awhile you will have weeded away the cowardliness and unhonorableness, by hypnotizing yourself as all the cowardliness in your soul is weeded away. Let the strong self bloom, the weak people die! The true person is a strong person, the real German is a superman!
In the first stories that were written down before christ's time we have that Idunn had apples, we hear that she had a basket with fruit. This fruit was enjoyed by the Zhsene and ?synjene and kept them young. Also this is a riddle with a much deeper meaning. It is not spoken about a fruit which gives eternal youth, it is only spoken about love. We never learn about Idunn's family, where she comes from or anything else than she carriers this fruit in her basket, all we know is that she is Bragi's wife and that she is fair and colorful. What we get to know here is that young love keeps us young. Love is preserved in Idunn's basket, her body, the woman's vagina. The vagina is actually what makes love possible, it's the fruit here. We hear that all the gods and goddesses enjoy Idunn's fruit and for this stay young, at the same time we know that Idunn is Bragi's wife. It is easy to interpret this as that Idunn is a young girl who all love and with that Bragi becomes deceived. Idunn is a kenning for woman, therefore Idunn is not a goddess who owns all the fruit, all women are Idunn, for all women have a basket with live giving fruits. Bragi who is married to Idunn is not a God or a man, he is a literary creation, Bragi means "creation" and what is actually the creation married to? Love, the ritual of love, and it is not the woman who is strongest tied to the poetry of love? Call it romantic. Idunn is the na?ve faithfulness in the woman, that which forgets all others and loves blindly, that which can make a woman as a young loved girl, which keeps the woman eternally young. The fruit she gives the man makes him eternally young. Here we come into homophile again, we then get the message that the goddesses enjoyed Idunn's fruit! This is not unusual with bisexual women, it's not unnatural either. The masculine bisexual or homosexual woman is as sick as the man, but for the feminine bisexual woman there is nothing wrong with it. A man cannot look at other men as if they are attractive, with the exception of the freaks as they are the ugliest, while women have no problems with looking t other women if they're attractive,. This naturally because women are attractive, and attract men in an entirely different manner. We are, like earlier said, ugly and lumpy, big and impractical. In reality, women are more complicated and intelligent in their thought process in this field. We, the dumb men, are attracted by the most beautiful women, while women are attracted by, same as us, the beautiful, but also, those who have the biggest chance to give the woman the best possible! It is therefore natural for women to feel attracted by other women and the best men. So they both get the weak and those who can give them the strongest possibility of offspring. Men cannot have children (the same way as women) and are attracted therefore only by the weaker. Why women have the instinct that makes them wager on the weaker people also is the chance that they can have a girl. The father of the girl must be as fine to look at so that she becomes as beautiful as possible, like the mother, and therefore have the largest possible chance to carry on further and strengthen the family with the best looking man possible. Bisexuality with women can therefore not beregarded as unnatural and something sick, same with men. Homosexuality is on the other hand sick regardless of which gender it manifests itself in. It is the woman's superior intellect on this topic which shall provide that we develop, the men have not the beauty so that the prettiest woman are best. Today we are attracted in large degrees to undeveloped intellect than before, this of course because we believe that physical attributes are the most important, and we believe that those who appear intelligent actually are intelligent. The old cliche about the most beautiful woman are dumbest and the most intelligent women are always ugly isn't entirely true. What's true is that the pretty women often play dumb to attract the most attractive men, as almost exclusively is it lust for the pretty woman. The women gain more by letting the man think that he is the most intelligent, therefore they play dumb. Many are obviously also dumb then. The reason that the ugly women appear the most intelligent has the simple explanation that when they cannot entice the best men with their looks they must show the inside, with that they are compelled to act as intelligent as they can. Men, are attracted by the intelligent woman's independence of her outer. Many believe that they are the most intellectually developed men who attract the women who seem most intelligent. This is also wrong that the smartest men think that the prettiest women are equally smart, if not more intelligent, then those who are needed to seem so smart to attract a partner. Remember that the prettiest women are children of the prettiest mothers who again got the best men. The ugly women are children of ugly mothers and fathers who didn't have anything better than an ugly wife and therefore can they not possibly have been manly in the beginning. Weak, dumb, and ugly parents have children who are nothing better. Men are scared of smart women, men must the whole time have the feeling of being the superior at all times. They know this well, not those who appear intelligent, those who are smart. The pretty woman with the typical Idunn stature, it is them who are the most intelligent, she who lets the man believe he is her intellectual superior, it is her who gives the man the most security and self security and who roll him around her delicate little finger are the best of all women!
Go Up On The Highest Mountain And Look Out In The Horizon
I have been clear over that what I say doesn't entirely come from what elates to which woman who is most intelligent and how the parents present. There are many ugly parents with beautiful children, and many ugly children with beautiful parents. So my theory is completely wrong then? No, it's not wrong, but it is not as correct as it would have been 100 years ago when we still were accepted of holding the upper class for the upper class and the others for themselves. Yes, today there is scarcely an upper class who are different and that we can call it at all an upper class has a tendency to be cynical capitalists who come from poor conditions and who make themselves rich with treason and cunnings as capitalism does! This is for the reason that I call it an upper class, rather than a lower class with a lot of money. What I put in the upper class is someone who comes from a good family, as it's called. No, what I say was more valid before when the family was with the good blood not washed out with whatever rabble as we have today! Today everyone can take the atrium degree, all can be rich in a moment, and all can impress others with deceit and illusion. The old chief clans are long drowned in slaves and Karl's blood. But, then comes a resource for my theory, the strong Christian countryside. It is here that it was in a large degree than in the city and large country sides. Therefore my mother's family has held up good through the times, for they were clergy folk nearly the entire time, and such married not those whoever? These groups are best of intolerance, they are total fascists and oppress the lower classes completely. When this has held from the time of when the Jarlettene still stood strong meaning that it is still the same clan who go again, the blood has not been washed out. Here my theory is applied 100%. The good families are still the good families, while the others are as before. For not many years would it have been incomprehensible how an ugly pair could give birth to a child who grew up to become a beautiful person. In the epic we hear about someone so fantastic as a dark haired person could be, it was unthinkable nearest to the author of this, he put stress on it, that the hero actually had dark hair. Such was it before, a large difference between people all after which family they belong to. I am annoyed because the upper class is drawn down to be like minimums as the other classes are! The elite are mixed with the dregs of society and therefore are not found any longer, only in the form of small seeds who germinate in between all the shit! We never hear it spoken that someone is bright or nice or what it now might be "because he comes from this and that family," to think such was entirely normal before, quite simply because that was what is was like, all was defined by the family. The communists must be happy to see that they have reduced the upper class to be like the low levels as the rest of the population! So we can in agreement when I say that that which comes from the article before this is clean, wishful thinking, I shall wish that it was not such, and I thought for awhile that it was so, until I realized how little clean good blood there is here in the people. This has to do with racial hygiene, instead of cleaning out the contempt in the people, the rotten eggs, so has Christianity made all of us like rotten eggs! This is what I fight against, I want that we shall go in so that nothing shall be rotten eggs in the people, and one gets to follow the plan written in Vargsmål part 1 about racial hygiene. So do I live in the past? Am I of the old day? Outdated, archaic? NO! I am tomorrow, the future!!!! We shall rise up again and become strong once and for all.
The Real Terrorists
Now the Jewish power in Norway will soon have us completely on the Jew's side. After a yearlong work to watch the Norwegian people, and the rest of the world, the "Norwegian" Jews have managed to get us to believe that Israel wants peace in the middle east. The whole peace process in the middle east is a large Jewish deceit! We, the Norwegian people, are lured into a position which forces us to take the party of the Jews, who cause us to have sympathy for the Jews, which makes us like decoys for Muslim terrorists, which makes us like cannon fodder for Israel! Yes, what is certainly better than Aryan people who are cannon fodder in the shitty dark Jews eyes? The Jew Gro Harlem Brundtland, who unfortunately is the state's minister in our Norway, with his Jewish fellow conspirator, like the Jew Jens Stoltenerg (oil and energy minister in our Norway) like the Jew Thorvald Stoltenberg (minister of foreign affairs in our Norway) like the Jew Rune Gerhardsen (bureaucracy leader in our capital city) and many more, are some of the power who serve the Jews at our expense. Yes, maybe you didn't know this? That the state minister is herself Jewish? No, we didn't know, such things are cast away in the deepest darkness (synagogues?) and are forgotten. Yes, she is Dutch. Her middle name, Harlem, is a Dutch Jewish ghetto name, and actually her looks ought to be proof in their self, even though she has blue eyes (something few Jews have). Why Gro Harlem will not say to the Norwegian people what religion she belongs to can certainly have something to do with this, but it becomes speculation that I don't know about her and is she of Jewish religion. What I know is that she was born either a Jew or half-Jewish, or maybe "only" Jewish. So then to the reason. We have now looked at this Jewish conspiracy camouflaged as a "peace process for the middle east" in many years. Now we begin to get the results. Norway is the fundamentalist Muslim world's next largest enemy for this reason. It ought to be unnecessary to say this, but for safety's sake I can inform you that the U.S.A. is the largest enemy with their Jewish loving politics and their representation of Jews in the government, as we have here in Norway, but not as much in the U.S.A. We get to hear through the media that the fundamentalist powers are enormous and dangerous all over the whole world. It is correct that the fundamentalist Muslims are a powerful pest and a plague for the Jewish-Christian world, but what we don't get to hear is that the Jewish power is 10 to 20 times stronger. How shall the Jews explain away the six days war? Is it not a good enough reason that it's not the Muslims we need to fear? Little Israel, the nearest steeped in top modern weapons, as the USA has the east over them since Israel became on may 12th 1948, took only a short time to beat Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. After this war, as among other "peace prize winners" and today's state's minister in Israel was in command the Jews learned that with their superior USA supportive military power, it was more to win there than peace talks. The so-called "peace talks" we know today are in reality an attempt to provoke war between the different Arabic organizations and between Israel and the Arabic organizations. The Jews will have a war, they have in a year until now tried to subdue people they suppress with their military regime, but this is unsuccessful! Now they only have disintegration again and it's a war! The war they don't wish to start themselves, it will be very unfortunate for the Jews global setting. For to get us to believe that it is fundamentalist Muslims who start this war, they start different things, which provoke the Muslims to act against Jews and Zionists over the world! It is estimated that New York will be bombed by Muslims (because there is a million Jews in the city, "Jew York" as it's called), 1st an unsuccessful attempt then a new successful attempt. This is assumed that a war will break out in the middle east between the Jews, their low browed Arafat, and Muslims who are against oppression of their people. This is a part of illuminating their plan. And if you don't know what Illuminati (illumination) is I can inform you that it is the organized Jew power. Illuminati is among other freemason's part of the world's capitol power, and here in the North! Illuminati of their highest council consists of 10 complete Jews (none other than the whole Jewish are accepted! You read correctly)
Norway is one of the lands who most offensively supports opposition in other lands, but what happens with the opposition here in Norway? I, a healthy intelligent youth (modest?) am labeled as a "Satanist" and "devil-worshipper", they try to portray me as mentally ill and crazy. The most mean attempt is done to pull me through the slit which runs out of the Jewish system's own backend, they drive an unrestrained false propaganda to get Ola and Kari in the 1000 home to believe that I am both the one and the other. Why? Simply because I am oppositional in Norway, not a coward and a harmless communist with as much of an I.Q. as a 12 year old, but a real threat against the Jewish power! Not because I am so strong or have so many on my side, but because I have a sharp tongue that I use! They have never tried to awaken my love for money and this takes from them all the power to handle me to which they will have me! Therefore the simple redemption. Prison! Is it not a self contradiction when "Norway" supports all others other than Norway, their right to have deviant meanings and their right to say what they will without being punished for it, when "Norway" beats down on Norwegian opposition as hard as they only can? The problem for us oppositionists in Norway is that the "Norwegian" system camouflages all as criminal or racist or what it now is camouflaged as, as all other lands! When I say my meaning I am not oppositional, than I am racist, Nazi, or Satanist and when I save my life by killing one who tries to take my life, then I am sentenced for an "especially brutal and planned murder which was planned and thought over!" Where is our right to be oppositional? Where is our speech freedom? Where is our political and religious freedom? It doesn't exist. It is only a Jewish bluff. A lie to give the impression that we live in a democracy. It's not difficult for the Jewish power to give the word to Carl I. Hagen, for what he says is only a little different from what the jews say, and they can make a large number of it to say they are free of speech here in the country, while in reality we don't get to hear what their meanings really are. For what never gets the word, this is oppositional, us "Nazi-pigs" and "Satanists". When Folkvord from the communists expresses himself, is not it merely for the Jew's power, actually because communism is only another form of the Jews politics and because no northman with sense more or less takes this inferior man seriously! Folkvord and his flock of sheep are entirely harmless, they have nothing to offer the Norwegian people other than to be eliminated by greedy half-apes from with 3rd world which rapes Norwegian women and spread STD's and sorrow throughout the land (as AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, in Norwegian ervervet immunsviktsyndrom } which we know came to us from the negroes who had sex with animals, apes, in the jungle. Something which is entirely usual in their culture) Therefore, the Jew power can let them speak, they serve actually as a "proof" that the Jew power is "free of speech" here in our "democracy". But it's not. We live, if one can call it living, under a totally Jewish-Christian system which works to eliminate the strong people and remove them from the earth's surface! What is it that the Jewish power in Norway tries to push us in? Are we really interested in being the Jews cannon fodder and bait? Bait to fish for a large war in the middle east that Jews are 100% sure to win, and there we are agreed (if they lose they have the FN and NATO completely in their sweaty hand) that Ms. Harlem is willing to make us as cannon fodder and bait, it is now entirely sure! The reason is so simple as that she is willing to sell all Norway and the Norwegian people to Satan himself, only her, this Jewess Ms. Harlem, gets entry into good company, either the new FU or EU!! We are certainly not Jews, we are certainly not "god's chosen people", we are proud and strong Norwegians, worthless animals in the Jews eyes. Remember the bible's word, it states that Jews have the right to slaughter all other people. This is not a theory, it is practice. It is the political Jews who practice overall where they have the possibility to do so. When large Germany disposed of the Jew problem, sent them out in disgrace, then the Jews got the entire world to break the fresh interpolation of the earth's treatment. Today the Jewish power is strongly unrestrained. It is not the Jew's psychopathic and fiendish politics we all have reason to fear. And so we have those that laugh at "people like me". We are only "paranoid idiots" and "nazi swine". Yes, I have not all the reasons to warn against the Jew power when we have at least 1 to 2 thousand Jews here in the land, and likewise a Jewish state's minister, a Jewish foreign affairs minister, a Jewish oil and energy minister, and Jews in power positions all over not to speak about the freemasons who are "merely" Jews. Take Narvik for example, where there is not a single power position that is not held by one who is not a freemason, the "merely" Jews! Why do you think Norway is singled out as the Muslims next largest enemy? Do you not think that Muslims, these fundamentalists which such blames as power who we are warned about all the time, know how strong the Jewish power is here in Norway? Why should we otherwise pour out hundreds of ways to create "peace" in the middle east if it weren't for that it swarms of Jews in power positions here in the land? Only political "Norway" drives in itself is a proof that it is Jew controlled! Not at least immigration politics which are a part of the cleansing of Germanic blood, and not at the least, which effect would threaten the fundamentalist Muslims had on us if there were some of them here in the country? Why do you believe it swarms of Muslims here in Norway? It is actually because the Jewish power needs them here so that they can threaten is, press us so that we shall become afraid for life and cast us around the throat of the Jewish power and ask for help, so that we voluntarily shall cast us out in war and conflict on the Jew's side! First the Jews slip Muslims in, then they make the Muslim as our largest enemy, and then we are entirely in the Jew's sweaty and clammy hands, clearly to be cast out as bait and cannon fodder! With the simple exception certainly, of me, I am heathen. They have no control over me; therefore, they put me in prison and then they are rid of a disturbing element in the Jew-ification of Norway! It is these powers that see that mankind becomes as I have been, people who love their folk and fatherland and who don't intend to sit still while the Jews destroy something of it, people who become extreme. I am clear over that all extremists are mere, but how in the blackest forest shall we be able to preserve our people and fatherland when extreme powers work to destroy it, at least we ourselves can be equally extreme? It's of no use to enter into negotiations with someone who wishes you dead! I am the 1st to understand that the Jews wish to annihilate the Muslim powers, for the Muslim powers work to destroy the Jewish people (good luck). The Jews have no own nation, they belong to no home place here on the earth, they have always lived as parasites on other people and in these people's nations, when the people then will rid themselves of the parasites, as Germany did by deporting them east, then the parasites fight back. The problem with these parasites, the Jews, is that they intend to use my people as vanguard for their sake, as bait and cannon fodder! This they have always done, and it's about time to set a stop for the Jews shall be able to incite each other against each other in religious wars. Religions created by Jews to have this intention. The possibility of inciting people against each other for each time. Now they have problems, and it's nice that "we" are Christians and Arabian Muslims. It is the only way so that we have something against them? At any rate, the Christians, me and my like-minded have something against other races and people for a biological reason and with other consequences a true joint effort, but as long as "we" are a Christian people, then the Muslims are a threat against us, actually because both are Jewish religions created to give the Jews power to incite all others when they themselves can count on it. If a power is in peace to be strong, it must be harmed with the help of others. Genius. The parasites roll both the Christians and Muslims around on their cheap embellished fat little finger. Cast out the Christian power and Jewish power will follow, and converted, 1st we get power over our own lives and our children's lives! I say the Jews don't fight themselves. This is not entirely correct. For they certainly fight and with jets and modern tanks against rifles and slingshots and stones. This is not what I call fighting. This is intense warfare. We can call it a Jewish warfare, an armored well equipped Jewish Goliath with an Arabic David with a slingshot. Yes, see it, maybe the Arabs aren't doomed to loose, but it is the Jews who are too blind to see, like Goliath was too blind to see David as a threat. One thing is for sure, today the Jews are who are in a large fight with strong weapons, and the Arabs are a little man with a stone and a slingshot. Kill Goliath! Gas the Jews!!!
The Eastern Alternative
When it's spoken of balance, Yin and Yang are brought up constantly I think. These "occultists" speak of Yin and Yang, it seems as if we all know what it's for/ When we need balance between something Yin and Yang are referred to; however, it's forgotten when you talk about war and peace, good and evil, and other "unpleasant" themes. Then it's suddenly not used for balance anymore.

What I mainly respond to is that Norwegians talk about Yin and Yang, while we have a symbol which accurately means the same in our own culture, the symbol shown here:

I saw this symbol for the 1st time on jewelry from the Vikings, but I have seen it on stuff from the Bronze Age. For lack of other names I will call the symbol the "Cross of Odin". It's the same as four swastikas, two rotating against the clock (the dark powers), two with the clock (the light powers), it is balance, as in Yin and Yang. A swastika rotating with the clock is a sun cross, a swastika rotating against the clock is Thor's hammer, Mjollnir. The sun is a life giving power. Thor's hammer is the weapon which crushes the house of the Zhsir's enemies. The weapon is the dark powers. The destructive powers we are so dependant on, as much as we are the sun's life giving powers. We need to protect us with the dark powers (the weapon) as much as we need to grow with the light giving powers. There are four swastikas and in the middle there is a cross. Two would be the balance, but then where would the swastikas deeper meaning come from? There are four seasons, two life giving (summer and spring) and two destructive seasons (winter and autumn), two feminine & two masculine, four elements in nature, etc... Those who remember the article about the meaning behind the swastika/sun wheel will with ease see that here there are four swastikas and a cross in the middle which means the same as a single sun wheel, with evil in the middle (the cross) and the four bodies (swastikas) around it. Why then do these young Norwegians talk about the Chinese Yin and Yang? We have a better symbol ourselves here from our own culture, more than a thousand years old. It is thousands of years old and we don't recognize it? Why not? Who is it who oppresses our own culture? After the Jewish-Christians belief came here, the symbol is not in use.
Colorful Lies
A journalist in the courtroom during my case said that what he heard come from my mouth was, "a study in evil and hate." This says a lot about the attitude of the journalist. The other journalists are not much better I believe! He said this to try and justify the sentence I got, but why is it necessary? Maybe the journalists, the cynical sensation hunters have understood that it is rather far fetched to give a young man 21 years in prison because he took another life to save his own? They must declare that by saying, "a study in evil and hate," and by writing massive lies about me.Does he actually hate me? Is in to accurate that he who says this is evil when he lies and talks behind my back with another reason to declare his own and others wrongs? Is it "a study in evil and hate," when I say I am proud of my daughter, or when I say that I love the Norwegian people? If some of us are "evil" then it's not me at any rate! What else can we expect of small, dark haired middle aged who write about a healthy nice young man like man? (I heard conceited also) We can't expect anything else, but we can remember what I say here, don'' trust what one man with an inferiority complex says about what he (with a good reason) feels inferior about!
The Symbol Of The Beast
We all know the number of the beast if 666, but what is actually the symbol of the beast? The so-called "upside down cross" is a Peter-cross, named after him because he was crucified upside down according to the Jewish Christian mythology. It has nothing to do with Satanism. I have discussed the Star of David earlier, the Jewish star. And I criticized them for not having modified their symbol after our knowledge increased, but now I understand why they stick with the old symbol. It is Satan's sign, "the symbol of the beast!"

The symbol has six points, six edges (one behind each point) and the symbol has six lines, this becomes the same as three sixes; 666, the "number of the beast". This agrees with the theory - that the Jews are "Satan's people" more than any other, and their god is none other than Satan, the world's evil!
The North Chapter
Why is there 3 nations in Scandinavia instead of one? Are not the Norwegians, Danish, and Swedish one people? No, there is 3 different people in Scandinavia, not one. As early as time this has been so, not only because we have three ancestors, the Norwegian Szhmning, the Danish Skjold and the Swedish Yngve-Frey, but because of geographical reasons too. Denmark is separated from Norway and Sweden by an ocean, and it is entirely different in nature than in Norway and Sweden. Denmark is warmer, it is flat, and the population live on islands. Sweden is made up of little mountains, many rivers and a lot of forests, while Norway - including Idre and Sarna, Jamtland and Harjedalen which is the only decent mountain range in today's Sweden - consists of high mountains, fjords and deep valleys. In Norway we have always lived in small places spread out over the coast, while the population in Sweden and Denmark always have been more concentrated. In the Viking times the Danes and Swedes lived mainly in towns, while the Norwegians lived on farms. The people became as the nature around them. The toughest conditions we Norwegians had, and we have always learned to be able to stand alone, each farm was hard to manage yourself. This has made us strong individuals. While the Danish and Swedish could sail along the coast and only over short open distances on the sea, we Norwegians were able to learn to navigate to our destination. Norwegians were able to live on a windswept farm by the border between the ocean and a high mountain. In Sweden they had cities protected by the forest around all sides, with only a river as the ships nearest route. It is sad to think about, but maybe it is therefore the Swedish who are so afraid to be in a struggle today, afraid to come out of the safe and secure forest? The Danish had no tougher sea than the Swedish, with much friendlier natural forces than us Norwegians, but on the other hand the warrior neighbor - Germany. Little Denmark has always had to fight with Germany, and it was not before Denmark finally fell that the rest of the north could be Jew-ified by the Christians, that Norway and Sweden fell also. Denmark was our shield against the Jew power, something which passes well with the name of their ancestors. This has made the Danish a strong people, all the conflict with the people in the south through the years. I think it's very sad to look at Sweden and the Swedish, what cowards they have become through the years, once important Vikings, now cowards. Their state's leader has often gone out and said if Norway, Finland, or Denmark is attacked by a foreign nation, Sweden will not grip the sword to help us. I fell betrayed, here I go and think if the Nordic lands are attacked by others I will recruit myself in defense of this land here and also Sweden. What do I get for these noble thoughts? I get to read in the papers that Sweden doesn't act to help Norway if someone attacks it. I am ashamed of my little drops of Swedish blood, 1st they went in the EU, now this, what next? I strongly hope that the Swedish make themselves worthy again to sit at the table with us Norwegians and Danish (also the Icelandic). There is also, so to speak worthy Swedish, but only a few of them, have you ever met a Swedish war hero, or even heard about one? The Danish have for a long time disliked the Swedish. A Dane I met in prison used to stand by the ferry station when the boat from Sweden arrived and waited to beat up some Swedes - only because they were Swedish. The Norwegians are some that the Danish however, like well. For example, while the Danish fell in just a few hours, Norway stood against the German attack for many months before she was captured, this has given us respect in Denmark. The epic follows accordingly about Norwegians. This can be read how natural it is, for example spoken about a ski contest where the hero is on skis downhill and ends up down the ocean coast, how can this be any other than a Norwegian? All the Nordic lands have a tendency to place the hero in their own homeland, but it's clear that most of them are Norwegian. There is not so many mountains to ski down in Denmark for example, or in what was once Sweden. But certainly there are many heroes from both Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. Especially in Germany, like chief Arminius (lived from 18 before the start of the Christian era to 19 after the start of the Christian era) who crushed the roman army, "Publius Quintilius Varus" in a battle in the Teutoburg forest in the year 9, here he crushed the Cherusci family, 3 Roman legions. Then offered them to Wotan by hanging them in trees after the battle was over. This stopped the roman advancement in Germania by the Rhine. Arminius is actually a Roman name, he is really called Hermann. There are many German heroes, heathen heroes!
Our Belief
I can understand why Christianity has such a large power here in the world today, yes actually why our gods were repressed by "god". It is so much easier for people to believe in a god than it is for them to believe in themselves. The Christians can explain everything with, "god's ways are inscrutable" that "god is all knowing" and if they have problems they can "pray to god". How much simpler is it to not face the problem than it is to find an answer and solve it yourself? I see lots when Christians gather, they sing together, they swing their arms and stare in the air together, they listen to the priest, they are always together. They are a part of a mass, a power. This works for them, for they seek security and one finds security in the largest flock, and today it is "god's" flock! Odin is not all-mighty. The gods are a group of large men who struggle as us people, they fight with all kinds of problems, just as we do. The largest of them all are those who have the most and largest problems, he broods constantly, and works hard to get things which he wants to have. He is no all-mighty "god" who gets what he wants at the snap of a finger, he struggles like us, with the same problems as us and sees as us. Our gods are humanly, they are deathly, and they struggle hard to uphold their existence. They explain to us that laziness and survival don't go together, that self kings shall struggle, for their people, they tell us that the problems must be solved, that we shouldn't give up, that we must plan, that we must think and that we can never come to a "paradise" where all is only well. This "paradise" of the Jewish-Christian belief doesn't work other than to break down the work morale, life's joy and love of the earth we live on. The "paradise" tells us that we work to be able to loaf later, that true happiness and pleasure is not something we know here on earth, and that earth is only next best, it comes barely enough to another place when it's considered of the worlds. The honor is our "paradise" and you win honor by taking in, working, struggling and fighting for their neighbors. I am provoked when Valhalla is compared to "paradise", as the "heathen's paradise". This is nonsense. In the all-father's hall one eats and drinks and fights every day. As earlier explained this is not meant, such as promised a life in a glorious heaven is, where one exists in a sort of Nirvana - for an eternal time.
To Those Who Believe In The God Of The Jews
You tell me you cannot believe in Odin because he doesn't answer you when you call to him, while "god" does. Odin doesn't answer you for as very simple reason; Odin knows that we must get along ourselves if we are to become stronger, if he helps us out it's cheating, it will undermine humanities natural selection process, the weak will become the strong. So therefore, he answers no one, not you, not me, or any others for Odin is the strongest god. I rely on my own strength and power and choose to not yield to someone who might be stronger, so I can die, and be born again later with a new chance to bring us a notch further in evolution. You require something from your "god", that he shall answer you when you call to him, and I require nothing from my god, that's what makes me so unbelievably stronger than you! You require from your "god", I give to my god! What do I give? I give him much honor and glory, he can be proud of me, one of his strong and faithful sons, I get nothing back, and that is what is true love, to be able to give and offer yourself for something without getting anything in return!!! It requires a much stronger belief, to believe in a god who doesn't answer you if you call to him, and only those with a strong belief, true belief, can believe in such a god. For he answers no one, but sits silent and watches those who have a strong belief that he, or she, altogether believes in him, in the All-Father - in Odin!
I say that we don't need the south's laziness and gluttony. Many mean that gluttony had passed better during the west's offering, but I don't agree with that. The west could have gorged more than it already did, while in the south they gorged unrestrained as long as they had the possibility to do it, the only thing that didn't make them gorge constantly is their laziness, they are too lazy and un-enterprising to manage to obtain as much as they can gorge themselves in, but they had gorged as if they had the possibility to do so. They suffered not from resource shortages, they have an abundance of all, but they don't manage to organize correctly, and therefore they go under without the white man's help. So it is the mentality it comes on. Gender bending is a good example, here really they gorge in the south, and as a result comes there not only heaps of hunger, but several deadly diseases spread which seals the people's fate. The south commits suicide by reason of their gluttony in sexual pleasures, the south commits suicide by being gluttonous in food as long as they have it, for then to die of hunger in the following months instead of eating over a long period of time, eating as the proportions allow (I mean the lands and people south of Europe when I speak of the South.)
With Our Own Power And Strength
It's the 50th anniversary for "the liberation" of Norway - today. I am Norwegian, I am nationalistic, and I myself would have done whatever to defend Norway (or any other Germanic land) against an invasion, but altogether this "anniversary" is a depressing thing for me. I am tired and bored, even melancholic about it, I am reminded of a line from a song, "all was better during war", unfortunately the author meant it ironically, but I wonder if there isn't some truth to it. The majority of the people I have met through my life have said similar things, that they miss Norway the way it once was, as it was before and during war. It was afterwards that it went the crazy way for good Norway, in a time with Jewish freemason misrule and democratic culture and spiritual decline. It is wrong to "celebrate" an independence, what we should celebrate at any rate is a choice from good and honest German occupation to Jewish-freemasonic Christian-communistic occupation! We have nothing to celebrate, we ought to have sorrow, as I do now, over the loss of Norway! What was it that took over Norway after the Germans (involuntarily) surrendered? It was the Jews, freemasons, communists, "boys in the woods" and "northmen" who had bombed, torpedoed, and sunk Norwegian ships in Norwegian waters! "northmen" who had their hands the color of red from clean and good Norwegian blood! "northmen" who had killed and terrorized the northmen who tried to hold their lives, only because they tried to take the wheels here in the fatherland. The Germans occupied us for nearly 5 years, the Jewish power has held us under occupation for 50 years now, why do we let this happen? Why isn't there any "boys in the woods" under this occupation also? I shall tell you why; the Jewish powers iron hand grips tightly around us, it is so tight we can't breathe, and no entire continent supports us, as 90% of the world fought for the Jewish power during the 2nd World War. We must fight ourselves, we must fight alone, but we shall never give up and then take a new 50 years, we shall never lay the sword down and give up! The can kill me, they can kill you, but they can never kill the roots of our fight, we are one full bloomed buds on a bush which shall never die, we are Odin's faithful children and warriors! Take back our land, fight for life and death!! Never give up!!!!
Fright is a natural thing, and we know when we must be careful. One example is Ty who got himself mutilated because of his lack of fear. The myth where Ty, or Tyr, Tir and Tue as he's also called, lost his hand is a very important myth, about the explanation of a time of transition before Christian times. Holmgongu, or Holmgand (a dual) as we say today, comes from a time long ago before Viking Times. This was a time where Ty was one of the most important divinities in the North. Ty is a war god, he is entirely without fear and terror, and from that we get the word Tyredd which means to not have fear. Fenris ran free in Asgrad and created unrest and insecurity among the esene (gods) and the ?synjene (goddesses). No one managed to tame the wolf and only Ty dared to feed it, as wild and large as it was. Fenris is an embodiment of mankind's anger and aggression, which had become uncontrollable during this period of time. The gods were afraid of what Fenris was capable of, and at the point of losing control of mankind because Ty, who was the domineering god at this time, gave them such a source for an enormous amount of anger and an animal aggression. They were determined to bind Fenris. They didn't want to kill the wolf, yet they knew he would be the downfall of Odin, for it's forbidden to spill blood on holy ground. So they made a chain which they called Lzhdingr and bound Fenris with it. He loosened the chain without any problems. After that they made an even stronger chain which they called Dromi and with this also bound the Fenris wolf. The wolf laid down, unhitched, and freed himself of his chains so that it flew into pieces everywhere. From this we get the expression when one is struggling with something to free themselves out of a dilemma it's said," Let him free himself from L?ding " or " let him be free from Drome." Finally the got the dwarves to forge a chain which surely would hold Fenris bound if they could get it around him, and this was called Gleipnir and was made from the sound of the footsteps of a cat, a woman's beard, the roots of a mountain, a bear's sinews, the breathe of a fish, and the spittle of a bird. None of these things can be found today. They finally got Fenris lured to a small island and bound him, but only if Ty would lay his hand in Fenris's mouth who was certain he wouldn't be fooled. The chain held and the god's rejoiced with the exception of Ty, he lost his hand. Fenris was still wild and crazy and snapped at them, so they took the mooring line Gelgja which was fastened to the chain and stuck it through a large rock named Gjoll, then placed the rock deep in the earth, and took a large stone and buried it even deeper down and used it as an anchor. The stone is called Tviti. Then Thor took his sword and put it through Fenris's jaw, he imapled the wolf to the ground and such stands Fenris to this very day, and he howls terribly. The saliva which runs from the wolf's mouth is called van. Such he lies until Ragnarok. The two things which we ought to notice here, are that Fenris shall become Odin's slayer, and that it's humanities anger and aggression that will be their destruction, and that the fearless Ty lost his hand and with that his place in society. He became a mutilated god. After Ty was mutilated, Odin, Thor, and Freyr became the foremost gods in the north. The strongest strength was replaced by a new strongest strength, the psychological strength now ruled. Ty always let the physical strength rule. Now we come back to Holmgongu; in Ty's days of glory it was custom to settle disputes between people by putting them in a boat and letting them row to an island, and only one would come back alive and he was the one who was strongest. Ty had the most strength. In the Viking Times, this was modified. They drew a ring on the ground about three meters in diameter and put two men to fight there. If one of them was shoved out of the ring, he lost, and usually the fight ended with the first drop of blood. The first one who bled usually lost. It was only so often they fought until death during the Viking Times. Ty was mutilated because he was not afraid, and for this he lost his influence, or better said lost most of his influence. His fearlessness let Fenris bite his hand, and with that he had to yield to the other gods. The last variants of Holmgongu which I write about here is a more mild form of the first one where they fought to death, with the exception of where one of the warriors was so unhonorable that he gave his own life or when one was so injured he couldn't fight anymore; it's unhonorable to strike a man when he's down. For that matter I can mention that Ty's holy island lies in Hordaland south and west of Bjorngvinjar, a place called Tysnes where there are still stone monuments which were created in the bronze age. They were made by worshippers of Nerbus, we know this from Tacitus who wrote it in his book Germania. It is unknown who this Nerbus is, but we assume it's a name of Njordr before he became more or less replaced by his 2 children Freyja and Freyr. There is a good possibility that it's another name of Jord which means "earth" who is the mother of Thor and one of Odin's wives. Of the elder gods we have Ullr, Nerbus and Ty who are all more or less replaced by other gods and forgotten. After the next Ragnarok the gods of today will be forgotten, Odin of Vidarr and Vali, Thor of Modi and Magni, Freyja of Hnoss and etc…. This is an eternal process, and it is actually only a name choice of the same god, for the same god lives on in his children, just like us people. So back to what I began with, namely fear. Like I said we need fear, if not we'll be mutilated like Ty was, or even worse, but there are two ways to be afraid, one is to react with fear, and the other is to react with anger. Each to their time, anger when you see someone who is trying to kill you and fear when you stand on the edge of a cliff and are on the verge of falling off. I am alive today because I reacted with anger instead of fear when I heard that the communist-fag would kill me! Had I reacted with fear I would in all honesty have been a coward, one who should die.
Pride can make one blind from one time to another, both good and bad. It can give extremes against, good and blindness that makes one proceed to a dead end as not driven some place without turning around conscious of what they are driven by, an evil.
We Awake
There are many things that are easy to understand in old Norse mythology, it is actually logical that Mimer was killed by Njordr, for don't we forget things with the time? It is logical that the Giants and Trolls didn't tolerate sunlight, is the sun in view in bad weather and storms? The uncontrollable forces of nature are rarely found when the sun licks the earth with its light rays. Likewise I have never seen any "professors" interpret the myths, why not? "The Professors" of Norwegian Mythology have until now been busy finding things in the Nordic German mythology which came from the Jewish-Christian mythology! It seems as if what they are most occupied with is to Christianize the old Norwegian mythology! Therefore none of these "professors" manage to interpret heathendom as heathendom ought to be interpreted, from outside the view of life we get presented through the epics and sagas! This applies to all in the anti-culture we live in, we must the whole time be on water not to be schemed, we must be ready to draw our own conclusions, for if we are the anti-culture's slaves we are guaranteed to be schemed! It's not possible to destroy the Norwegian people with the Jewish-Christian misanthropy, we have had enough! For 1000 years now we have lived under this anti-culture, and now the Norwegian people are at the point of rising again, we are finally becoming a folk! It begins with a single attack on the anti-culture, as grave desecration and church burnings, but it is only a beginning. Once again will Odin be able to be proud of his sons and daughters, once again will Thor fight side by side with the Norwegian Einherjars, we shall in all truth become a folk again! Each church burning is a fist in "gods" ugly Jewish face, when we are ready shall "god" and his weak angels have gotten so many beatings that they lie dead back on the hill! Then shall we cast them to the sea. There they are home, on the bottom of the ocean together with the other giants, Odin is not coming back, because he never left us. It is Odin's strength which is coming back, maybe he got at last a new bite of Idunn's fruit?
Ginnungagap (Primeval Chaos)
The heathen view of life if a gloomy one for many reasons. The same time that we never shall complain and that we shall be positive, we have hanging behind our head the entire time; Ragnarok. It's a philosophy where each time the world goes under an Apocylpse follows. Regardless of what we do everything is predetermined, with fate in the lead. This is considered of all, all have their fate. "Humanity's prophecy, the fate rules." When we die we come to a between stand, a realm of the dead, there we spend time while the Norns shall spin a new thread of fate to us. The Norns are called Urdr, Verdandi and Skuld, and the life we live before we die (past), what we learned of the previous life and also what we are today (present) and what we will become and learn (future). So we are born again. We live many lives before the world goes under one more time. The lucky number with the Germans is 9. This is the number of the end, the last (from 1-9 there are found again no numbers, 0 is not a number). Many times I have gotten the theory about Odin hanged in Yggdrasil was a copying of the myth of Jesus crucified (or fastened to a stake). This is not true, Odin hung himself, Jesus was hanged. Odin pierced himself with a spear, Jesus by a roman soldier. Odin was hung with rope, Jesus nailed down, and finally Odin hung alone in a tree, while Jesus with others. The results are also different. Odin ended up on a stage between life and death, while Jesus died to later rise up only to die again (if he died on the cross?) Odin lived, and he says that himself. He learned the runes on the other side, about death. So we come into numerology again, for while Odin hangs for 9 days and 9 nights, Jesus only hangs for one day (and one night?) One is the beginning's number, the beginning of something new, and it comes that Jesus' hanging was the world's biggest and worst plague beginning ever... Christianity! Odin hangs for 9 days and 9 nights, 9 is the number of the end, the number of destruction and the number for preparation to a new cycle. Before 1 comes 9 (after 9 comes 10 and 10 is 1 + 0 = 1 so 0 is not a number) He hung both nights and days in order to prepare and end both the light and dark in the world, both feminine and masculine. They that are cowardly see often 9 light and 9 dark Valkyries riding towards them, the end has come, for better or worse, but a new beginning, in Valhalla, the realm of the dead. 9 is the only number that goes in all numbers as shown here:

1 x 9 = 9 (9)
2 x 9 = 18 (1 + 8 = 9)
3 x 9 = 27 (2 + 7 = 9)
4 x 9 = 36 (3 + 6 = 9)
5 x 9 = 45 (4 + 5 = 9)
6 x 9 = 54 (5 + 4 = 9)
7 x 9 = 63 (6 + 3 = 9)
8 x 9 = 72 (7 + 2 = 9)
9 x 9 = 81 (8 + 1 = 9)

It is the 9th month women have kids. The end of pregnancy, so it's also life's number, but the entire time it lies depressingly in the background, for life's number is also the number of destruction. The life and death is woven inside each other and they become one and the same existence. Death is only a fraction of our existence. Of course knowing that we shall die and eternally come to struggle, it becomes meaningless, no true peace? No real rest, no real quiet? No, all is only a toil and grind, for all time. We always know what comes to happen, for it is predetermined. We know our fate, at any rate many of us, for it's only a repetition of something we've done and lived earlier. In a former life, former worlds, and former universes. We struggle in order to attain the singularity, in order to become one again, and all must happen once more. No beginning, no end - eternity, and likewise we struggle worse than all others, with Germanic effectiveness, in order to prevent that this shall happen. But we must, like Odin, always ask the past for advice, and know always what comes, for there's nothing we can do in order to prevent that it reoccurs. Such is existence whether we like it or not.

I am literally blue eyed. My eyes are blue and I'm honest. Vargsmål is not more extreme than any other propaganda book (books that teach) it is only that which I hide not what I mean, I don't try to camouflage what I say, something that I want. Had the newspaper said directly that they wished to obliterate our race and wash out all the good blood in the Germanic blood and other dirty blood would you have taken it seriously? No, the Jews know their message is entirely unacceptable and they must camouflage it. They've always known this and therefore are doomed. They must be superior above all others when they can get Germans with clean blood to fight for their own race's erasure. This is also the reason that there are so many Jews that study psychology, so they can acquire knowledge about mankind's feeble points which these Jews can exploit in their fight to crush all others, and finally join sides in dreams of eternal paradise. If they find a weak point on you, you're finished! I say exactly what I mean, what I want to obtain, it is something you'll never see with others than German racists. There are no other people that are honorable, other than the Germans. All others are methodically false. In the South (Mediterranean) they laugh at us, because we're easily schemed, but this isn't because we're unintelligent, but honorable. An acquaintance of mine in South Africa with a Greek origin could reel off over 20 belittling nicknames the Greeks have for the Scandinavians, all because we're easy to scheme. We're blue eyed honorable people. In the south, they lie about everything, they always cheat when they get the chance and scheme when they can. How do I know this? I haven't been schemed, but I know many of these people; a great number of Italians, Greeks, Portuguese, and Spaniards, and I certainly know some that have experienced various things while in the south on vacation. Of the Norwegians in prison it's a large number that have Southern-European blood in them. I have lived in Iraq for 1 year and been in Syria, Lebanon, Kypros and in prison. For those who don't know I can say that it's full of foreign cultured people in the Norwegian prison, about 40% on the average. One section in Oslo Kretsprison there was 80% who were black foreigners, 10 % white foreigners, and 10 % Norwegians. We became accosted in English because they were so used to those who don't know Norwegian they gladly spoke English to all people to relax them. Luckily after some time they understood that I was Norwegian. The one guard that came from Sarpsborg stayed by the opening since he had found a Norwegian had come, so he could finally have an intelligent conversation. I have not found a difference between the colored foreigners I met in the free world with the ones in prison. They are all crooks, with no exception.
Many will believe that I am against education. No, I'm not, at any rate, but I am against the "education" we get today. The children's schools are leading to total destruction of the strong and healthy humanity, here shall the foundation of the destruction be shaped. We shall sit so long at the desk, we shall sing mass Jewish-Christian songs, socialize, we shall be modeled after a known pattern set by the Jews and red legged communist whores! The world outside the class room is the last room we live in. The life of most Norwegians ends actually here, in the class room it becomes taken, they are killed. Not physically taken, but spiritually and intellectually killed. For me, I lived a good life, entirely until I was forced to begin grade school. At three years old I climbed over the fence at the school and ran home. I escaped! This was only the first time. From when I was three until six I was stolen from my mother, crying five days a week, and the situation was the same the year I went to school in Iraq. I hated grades chool, all schools I was forced into, and learned to hate "women's lib". My mother was a "business woman" who worked with my father. As all young people I had my bad times, we lived in and old number of houses and drove around in an old Renault 4 (the model exists no longer, I have at any rate not seen any all year) so my mother must have worked. It got better when my parents work advanced in standing socially, "Hurray!" I have heard some history of "child school mentality," (double meaning) in the 70's, that the grade school was so superb and nice, that it was a sort of "trend" to have your kids there. A "miracle cure" for getting "correct" youths. A Bergen woman compared it as putting children in grade school was like a lobotomy in a debate program on the mountain, I must say this is the best comparision I have ever heard. The grade school took my life, and life's joy. After I finished I never really had a wish to live, never found real pleasure in life. Legally people surely took my grade school life. "Lobotomy". I have nothing against taking lives, but to destroy life I am strongly against! And in scheming conspiracy, the grade school destroys our lives together. It's not only me who lost his life by reason of "women's lib". This is considered of all youths born after the day nursery came into being. "Day nursery", yes we can call it concentration camps, where feminists concentrate youths while they develop masculine features in the soul meanwhile. The Gymnasium is the most intense phase of the Jew-ifying of school boys! The University is a furthering of this intense Jew-ification, but the Gymnasium is craziness in yourself, crazy enough to destroy the rest of the health in a boy's soul. Some survive, but it is few. The University shall compensate the empty room where your soul was with a Jewish socialist soul, it's the same soul all boy's get, all shall be painted as one color! The education is only a bi-effect of this, the pity less Jewish power uses to get a watch on us, in the satanic machine! "The Nazis" put gypsies and Jews in concentration camps, today all children are put in them! So what is an alternative? The alternative is to stay at home with out children, parent as jobs in the home, as farmers, and parent more time and power to our children. I cannot think of anything else than to be at home with my kids, to teach them and live together with them as parents should. All teaching can be done via play, or made into play, and for this reason we can give the instruction a place in the heart of the children, instead of giving them a place of hate and underdevelopment the school creates. I remember still what my father taught me, not only what he taught me, but how, where and in which environment, and who else was there if anyone was. On the downside of the house on Odin's Vei, when I was five or six years old as far as I can remember, I learned how I should hold a knife, that I should never whittle towards me, but away. He taught me how I should extend the knife to others if they ask for it. He stood over me and bent down to show me and sat on one knee, by standing against the way, and no other was there, only me and my father with a little pen knife with a red handle. All knots and names of knots I learned from him the same as my brother while I stood on the dock he had made outside the place we went on summers. A black dock painted with tar I believe. We practiced with a gray rope on a beam which stuck out and which functioned as a corner support on the dock. Halfhitched and square knot and many more. I can explain things by exemplifying things I learned by my father, and with that I have a good hold of things. The point is that he taught me, or my mother did, while all I have learned in school - the little I learned there - is connected with something negative. With the exception of reading and writing. History, math, physics, biology, religion, etc..... I have learned by reading books myself by having interests which are of my choice. School was thrown away ironically enough I learned all they didn't want me to at school - I learned to hate socialism, the weak system and the Jewish Communistic whores for example! The only good lesson is the one parents give their children and the one man learns himself. Teach children to read, write and speak other languages, then the rest is clear for themselves, for all this will be connected with something good and secure, and therefore will the child be able to lead to an education. It will be fun to learn for "mama taught me this". That is the point.

Sorry! Everybody has to see this. I know its a lot of KB.
Varg Vikernes

Vargsmål was written by Varg Vikernes while imprisoned for the death of Norwegian death-metal vocalist "Euronymous" as well as local church burnings. From what I am told this is a very poor translation, and I apologize but it will have to do for now. Copyright 1997.