- Out now -

"Made in Norway "

1. Jotunstrid
2. Fraa Trudsvanger
3. Gjallarhorne Varsla ragnarok
4. Min Far
5. Tradisjonen Vil Jen Gaumast




Hordagaard/Arvas split

Azermedoth records will release a split of Hordagaard and Arvas.
More news to come when its close to the release date.
And after the split,the Kveldskved and arv cds will be released.

The Norsk Svart Metall compilation is finaly released.


"Made in Norway" is now out, available at Azermedoth records!


The new releases is on its way!
After a lot of delays and irresponsible
labels the cds will be released.
From March the "Made In Norway" MCD will be avalible on Azermedoth Records. (Limted to 500) And trough spring, "Kveldskved" and "Arv" will be released.There is no specific dates for those yet.
Because of the old labels delay and other shit, the "Poltergeist" Album will not be released in a while.


Fauk is working on a new album these days.
Hordagaard have now a Myspace web.www.MySpace.com/Hordagaardband


The new album has been delayed because Black hate could not release it.
So it will be a ISO666 release.Its in the print store now,and will be released
very soon.
The albums name is "Poltergeist"

Standard Fauk way. Alot of clean vocals.


The orderlinks over each preview in the Releases-section should now be working, remember to refresh the page if you've tried them lately. The links will open in a new window.

The next CD, "Poltergeist" will be released soon on the german label Black Hate.

Djeveldyrkar is now released on Azermedoth Records. This release is limited to 1000 copies on CD.

Now you can also use the Contact-link in the menu to report webpage-problems, just fill out the form, submit and *boof* it will be fixed.

The redisigned Official Hordagaard Website is nearing its completion, the webmaster chose to upload it prematurely so that you, the dedicated Hordagaard-fan, can and should contact the webmaster with whatever glitches, bugs, complaints and/or suggestions you may experience or come up with during your stay. The webmaster can be reached HERE ..Or most likely, at his local pub.


3 cds are released and one more is going to be released.

New release on S.D.I productions.
Ondskap RE-released on a Pro-Cd.
1000 Copys.

Djeveldyrkar is releasing a cd on AZERMEDOTH RECORDS in november, label.Pro-Cd.

1000 Copies.
More info coming.

My Glory For Satan: release on Occultum records.
Cd-r in dvd box.300 copys

Hordagaard is finally back on the world wide web.